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Ramping up workflow efficiency & boosting worldwide sales for a fashion brand

Apparel & Fashion

Marimekko, a well-known fashion and home collection brand, was selling their products globally across multiple channels...

Marimekko is a Finnish design company founded in 1951 which is renowned for its original prints and colors. The company’s product portfolio includes high-quality clothing, bags, accessories, and home décor items ranging from textiles to tableware.

Marimekko products are sold in 40 countries with roughly 150 stores around the globe. Such a large scale eCommerce business needs a powerful tool to manage their products across multiple channels.

The founders of Marimekko decided to perform a technical audit to find a problem in implementing a module responsible for a product import process that helped to synchronize their inventory management system with their US-based online store. They also wanted to examine the robustness of their website’s technical framework and infrastructure, determine how friendly it was to search engines, and identify how easy and effective it was for customers to navigate and find content on their website.

To be bold is to be true to your nature.

Code review is the best way to check a website’s health

Implementing new design
To provide customers with an excellent shopping experience we redesigned the Marimekko product and category pages. We added various features such as the possibility to check product availability in the store, size chart, and information about material and care. We added dynamically updating filters and loaded infinite scrolling pagination to the catalog page. The redesign helped our client make the purchasing process more flexible and improve the customer's search experience.
Integrating a Magento 1 store with kantaasiakastesti (custom-made CRM)
After the technical audit, we modified their custom module for import. This module helps to synchronize the inventory management system with Marimekko’s US store. Previously, all the product information was sent and processed as a whole. A large flow of data caused slow page speed, high server loads, and downtime. We divided data into small pieces providing a smooth flow of information between the inventory management system and the store.
Google Shopping feed
We implemented a Google Shopping feed on Magento. By using Google Merchant, online shops can upload their shops’ and products’ information on Google Shopping. This extension gives them the option to place Magento products in your Google Merchant account smoothly. Now Marimekko products are available on Google shop, a new customer channel to boost their marketing and sales performance.
At one ecommerce conference, we met some experts from a design agency. At that time the agency was working on the Marimekko project and needed an ecommerce development team that could provide technical support. We had a talk and decided to cooperate.
After we successfully customized the import module, Marimekko decided to continue working with us on the development of new functionalities and the implementation of third-party extensions for their US-based online store.

Implementing Technical Improvements To Facilitate Marimekko's Global Success

We performed a technical audit and customized the module for product import. Furthermore, we implemented integrations for marketing. After fixing all the technical issues, the website started working like clockwork. The redesign of the product page and new functionalities allowed Marimekko to provide easy navigation and improve customer experience on the website.

  • Technical Audit
  • New Functionality
  • Product and catalog page redesign

Third-party integrations

Dynamic Menu
A dynamic menu provides a quick and flexible way to access different pages across the online store. It builds dynamic menu trees by drawing the necessary data from the database and makes it easy for the customer to view only those menu items that interest them.
Layered Navigation
A Layered Navigation gives customers a convenient and efficient way to search the store catalog by providing filters for product category, price range, color, brand, or any other available attribute. Layered navigation helped to speed up the product search process and allowed customers to find a particular product from a wide variety of products in a smooth and quick way.
Abandoned Cart
An abandoned cart module is intended to notify customers about the products they added to their shopping cart but didn’t purchase by sending personalized emails. After getting an email notification, the customer can easily recover their shopping cart by following the link in the email and complete their purchase in the online shop. With the help of this extension, Marimekko decreased cart abandonment and motivated customers to become loyal by suggesting discount coupons in emails.

Custom Functionality

7 modules developed.

Technical Audit
Custom module for import
Product and catalog page redesign
One-page checkout
Google Shopping feed
Widget with the product description

It was a pleasure working side-by-side with Marimekko on their project

It took us about six months to integrate third-party extensions and redesign the product page. Our development team included four dedicated specialists such as front-end and backend developer, QA specialist, and a project manager. The rest of the time we worked on the support and maintenance of their online store.

Months: of work
Technical audit
Product page redesign
Backend development
Front-end development
Third-party API integration
Magento 1 Integration with kantaasiakastesti CRM
Website mobile optimization

Superior shopping experience

After fixing all the technical issues, the website started working like clockwork. The redesign of the product page and new functionalities allowed Marimekko to provide easy navigation and improve customer experience on the website.

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