• Sector: Fashion
  • Location: USA
Helping Joie, a fashion brand, to upgrade to Magento 2 Commerce Edition
Joie's ecommerce platform couldn't accommodate their fast-paced global growth

Joie was founded in 2001 and since that time has become one of the most well-known contemporary lifestyle brands. Joie is a woman’s clothing brand for contemporary women. Joie represents carefree beauty, versatility, and freshness. Their clothes are chic and classic, but with modern touches.
Joie ran their ecommerce store on Magento 1 Commerce Edition. To expand their business in an effective way, its founders decided to migrate to Magento 2. They wanted to get improved performance, better SEO, faster checkout, powerful security, and advanced marketing tools that were only possible by upgrading to the Magento 2 version.

Find and indulge yourself on our signature designs and curated fabrics.
Migration to Magento 2 is a perfect way to get an omnichannel platform with advanced functionality
  • A secure environment

    Security was one of Joie’s biggest concerns for a smooth ecommerce store operation. When June 2020 comes around, there will no longer be any official security patches for stores run on Magento 1. Without relevant safety measures, Joie could be an easy prey for cyberattacks. Magento 2 supports advanced security and comes with SHA-256 (Secure Hash Algorithm 256) for the passwords and fraud protection system Signifyd.

  • Performance optimization

    Slow load times lead to website abandonment and low conversion rates. Poor performance also negatively affects search engine rankings, as Google punishes websites that load slowly by placing their pages further on the list. Joie’s business expanded and got more traffic, so they needed to improve the performance of their website. Due to the integration of new technologies such as Varnish and NGINX, Magento 2 became faster all around: on the product, category, and home pages.

  • Inventory management

    To operate effectively in the ecommerce market, Joie needed to rationally handle their stock inventories. They required an advanced inventory management system that would allow them to keep track of their stock-flow (serial numbers, quantity, dates, cost of products, etc ) across all sales channels and locations.

  • Joie found Elogic on LinkedIn. They were searching for Magento partners to perform the Magento 2 migration. We had everything they were looking for: expertise in Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration, were a Magento Solution Partner, and had certified Magento 2 front and backend developers. We’ve done more than 20 migrations and know every detail of this process.

Magento 2 migration.
Custom design.
New functionality.

To migrate Joie to the Magento 2 platform we needed to import all the data for each product and all information about customers. Moreover, we integrated some custom marketing functionalities.
Our range of tasks involved:

Migrating all data from Magento 1 to Magento 2
Implementing new design features and custom themes
Developing a custom functionality with Magento 2
Third-party integrations
01 Store Locator for Magento 2 (Amasty)

With Magento 2 Store Locator extension you can display multiple store locations on a Google map and guide customers to the closest brick and mortar stores. Moreover, the extension comes with advanced filtering to search according to certain criteria. Customers are also able to check product availability in stores and find out the accepted payment methods. With Magento 2 Store Locator your ecommerce business can drive more offline sales and boost SEO rankings by setting the metadata for each location page.

02 Search Autocomplete for Magento 2 (Mageworx)

Search Autocomplete extension makes your onsite search intuitive and suggests product names based on the characters customers have typed. This extension includes smart search results right in a customizable pop-up and displays the ‘Add to Cart’ button next to each result. Therefore, customers can find the products they are looking for in a fast way and buy products straight from the search results pop-up. With Search Autocomplete extension, you also can personalize search results by caching customer search queries.

03 Magento payments plugin (Adyen)

Magento payments plugin by Adyen gives merchants the possibility to support all popular worldwide and local payment methods. With the Magento payments plugin, you have complete control of your checkout, can manage high-risk transactions before they are captured, and enable the option to accept subscription and recurring payments. This plugin allows you to make easy changes to the system in order to capture, refund, or cancel a payment.

04 Out of Stock Notification ( Amasty)

Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification extension as the name suggests is aimed to inform customers about product stock availability and price changes. This extension helps merchants to analyze customers’ preferences and handle stock effectively. With the Out of Stock Notification extension, you can determine which products are the most popular among your customers to refill them in your store, monitor low stock, out of stock and new subscriptions, check the list of subscribers for a particular product, and many more.

05 Magento 2 Image Lazy Load (Magefan)

Magento 2 Lazy Load is the extension that enables lazy load for the images on your store to improve page speed. Lazy loading is a technique that delays the loading of offscreen photos until the moment a customer scrolls down the page. With Magento 2 Lazy Load, your website pages will only be showing images above the fold that can significantly boost the website’s ranking in Google and improve the overall store performance.

Custom functionality
Product import

We implemented the plugin that was aimed to automatically update the in-stock products to the system. The customer's accounting system exported the data about the remaining products to a database file and sent the data to a specific folder on the server. We also developed the automated export of orders to a third-party system. We generated a file on product orders per day in a certain format and uploaded it through FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to a third-party server.

Looks you will love (4-Tell platform)

We integrated the 4-Tell solution to Joie’s store. 4-Tell is a full-stack omnichannel personalization solution, powered by the ML (machine learning) engine. 4-Tell’s algorithm collects customer unique preferences and product insights through their browsing history to build predictive personalized recommendations when customers visit your store. With 4-Tell’s Smart Platform, Joie could arrange the insights provided by the platform into product catalogs and analytics so members of their marketing and merchandising teams were able to provide personalized omnichannel experience for every customer.

Google Tag Manager integration

Google Tag Manager (GTM) makes the process of adding, and editing third-party JavaScript tags and other snippets of code on your Magento site much easier. GTM helps marketing managers to easily manage marketing campaigns, minimize errors when updating tags, and deploy new tags in a fast way. With Google Tag Manager, you can directly transfer data to Google Analytics to see an accurate picture of how well your store is performing and personalize or make changes to search engine marketing strategies.

Instagram integration for Magento 2

We connected the Joie store with the Instagram page to reach more customers on one of the most popular social media. By displaying more appealing photos from Instagram, customers are more willing to buy products on the Joie store, which directly boosts your sales. We created and set a slider demonstrating Instagram photos on their site. Photos can be zoomed and show links to Instagram pages, date posted, and likes.

Custom Functionality
4 modules developed.
The latest version of Magento 2 for advanced security and multiple functionalities

The Joie project lasted for almost five months. During that period of time, we performed data migration, integrated third-party extensions, developed custom functionalities, and implemented new design features. Our team included four dedicated specialists such as frontend and backend developers, a quality assurance specialist, and a project manager.

of work
Data Migration
From Magento 1 to
Magento 2
Third party
UX design
Fully-operational store on Magento 2

The Joie store on Magento 2 provides customers with easy one-step checkout, strong security, improved performance, and a beautiful user interface. The new design of the website and advanced functionalities allowed Joie to deliver smooth navigation and improved customer experience.

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