Top 8 Best Shopify Website Design Examples

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9mid read November 21, 2023
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Top 8 Best Shopify Website Design Examples

In the world of ecommerce, Shopify is considered the king. According to official data, over 4 million websites use the platform, serving over 700 million customers across 175 countries and constituting 10% of global ecommerce. Shopify is a powerful and reliable tool for organizing online sales, trusted by giants like Facebook, Amazon, and many others.

At Elogic, we have rich experience and expertise in creating top-of-the-shelf Shopify websites. In this article, we showcase the advantages of the advanced version of the platform through handpicked real market examples.


Image credit: Allbirds

A company specializing in selling footwear, Allbirds follows a direct-to-consumer model. Their products combine comfort achieved with wool and eucalyptus fibers, simple design, and packaging made from 90% recycled cardboard. A product like this needed a fitting presentation, and the online store that Allbirds eventually came up with is, perhaps, the best Shopify website design in California.

The website is beautifully crafted, utilizing visual content to hit the spot. Large product images reflect the brand essence and immediately capture the attention of potential customers. The value proposition is prominently displayed on the homepage, eliminating the need for scrolling to understand it.

Allbirds’ products remain the focal point, with high-quality images showcasing collections on the homepage, creating an irresistible desire for visitors to explore the range. They employ a clear call to action, leaving no room for the buyer to hesitate.

Shopify handles video loading exceptionally well, and Allbirds leverages this by placing videos on dedicated pages to ensure a seamless visitor experience. Links and information are well-categorized and strategically placed.

Key features:

  • A classic example of a successful Shopify website
  • Clean, cohesive, and spacious layout
  • A minimalistic logo that stands out
  • A “hamburger” menu with visual effects for easy navigation
  • Ad banners for important updates
  • Product carousels and unique color samples
  • Brand’s carbon footprint information appealing to socially conscious customers


Image credit: Bundlee

The founders of this British company offering subscription-based children’s clothing rental wanted a better future for kids. So they set out to provide eco-friendly clothing at an affordable price, contributing to global waste reduction as well. Last year, Bundlee’s business more than doubled (subscribers grew by 233%), thanks in part to one of the best Shopify website designs.

What makes it stand out? Bundlee employs a concise yet informative display of information, along with theme and color plugins provided by the platform. A vibrant product carousel, authentic customer stories, and large product images instill trust, keeping visitors engaged.

The brand also captivates potential customers by demonstrating how its employees take care of children’s wear with the help of technology and useful insights. There is a video at the bottom of the page showing the whole process, which loads seamlessly thanks to being hosted on one of the fastest platforms out there.

Main strengths of the website:

  • Colorful, trendy design
  • Conveys friendliness
  • Thorough social media integration

HELM Boots

HELM Boots
Image credit: HELM Boots

Another footwear brand established its store in 2009, presenting a true-to-self and concise Shopify website design. Crafting handmade shoes required a quality and modern online presence, and HELM Boots achieved it with the best-suited platform.

The site’s design creates the ambiance of an old shoe workshop with long-standing traditions. All thanks to the impressive color palette powered by Shopify plugins, which is quite rare on other platforms. The clean design reflects the brand’s mission: to create unparalleled classic footwear.

Passing by such a store is nearly impossible. If you peek inside for a minute, you might end up spending a day. The product range is first to impress, vividly presented in high-resolution images. Next, you’ll be captivated by amazing video stories reflecting the brand’s values and partnerships. Then, you’ll learn the art of making genuine footwear — all done tastefully and elegantly, thanks to the design capacities granted by Shopify themes.

Key points:

  • Very appealing to elegant footwear buffs
  • Designed to establish trust and authority
  • Based on Shopify’s free theme Debut
  • A blog spanning 22 pages
  • Integrated Instagram feed
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Image credit: Cowboy

This store successfully sells smart electric bikes using its own e-commerce website based on one of the top Shopify website designs. Leveraging Shopify Plus capabilities, CowBoy features high-quality videos and photos on the homepage and throughout the site. The minimalist black-and-white design allows visitors to quickly look up all the necessary information, choose the desired product color, and proceed with the order.

Visitors can immediately see the available accessories, maintenance, and warranty options, presented in large photos with a very stylish layout. This is the power of Shopify showcasing products! Potential buyers can also schedule a test ride to experience the product firsthand.

This designer approach significantly shortened the customer’s path to purchase, leading to rapid company sales growth. 

Key advantages of the site include:

  • High-resolution images (and videos) showcasing the product
  • Minimalistic navigation
  • Various bike options
  • High-quality videos
  • Theft insurance offer


Fashion Nova
Image credit: Fashion Nova

This online store specializing in style and lifestyle fashion trades the coolest clothing, accessories, and fast beauty products. With five retail stores in Southern California, the company maintains pretty active social media marketing, especially on Instagram (with over 21 million followers).

The company’s mission is to introduce the world to the most fashionable styles, predict trends ahead of time, and present over 1000 new items on the website every week. They achieve this task with the help of immersive yet functional Shopify website designs.

Despite FashionNova’s vast assortment, the platform easily handles it. Bright representation of hot deals on the homepage is effectively combined with easy access to various categories. High-quality photos and descriptions make the selection process easy. Shopify excels in managing high traffic; pages open without delays, and videos play seamlessly, even during peak hours.

Key strengths:

  • Top (and huge) online fashion store for women
  • Very easy to navigate despite the size
  • Good job on displaying special offers
  • Visually striking and captivating


Image credit: Bulletproof

Some time ago, the Silicon Valley obsession with Bulletproof coffee spread across all states. The company’s range has now expanded to a wide range of keto-friendly snacks and tested supplements made from the highest quality ingredients. And they have a new online resource with one of the best Shopify website designs in California.

The company abandoned Magento due to outdated functionality and security issues. Now, the brand receives tons of traffic to its PCI-compliant storefront daily. They don’t worry about hosting, as Shopify Plus eliminates that concern. The platform’s robust architecture allows them to add as many products as needed without compromising page and video loading speed.

The “Back in Stock” feature allows customers to fill out a request form when their preferred item is out of stock. It’s a simple but effective way to boost sales, leading to the company’s turnover growing to $50 million. Bulletproof even offers life hacks and recipes. Coupled with a vibrant design, it certainly grabs customer attention. By the way, the “About Us” page is dedicated exactly to the customers, a smart move to foster common values.

Overall characteristics of the resource:

  • Trendy nutrition supplies
  • Great product display
  • Different sections like “best sellers” or “coffee” that facilitate buyer’s choice
  • Customer-oriented and social proof-focused

Soso Sake 

Image credit: Soso Sake

Even if you’re not interested in rice vodka with soda, the Soso Sake website is worth your attention simply because this company has one of the best Shopify website designs in California. Right on the homepage, you’re invited to purchase drinks and merchandise. Just below, they explain what they offer. Concise but informative descriptions, accompanied by beautiful high-quality photos, make the site organically appealing.

In the menu column, you can find a map with physical stores. Everything that might interest a buyer is presented in a concise but beautiful package. Everything is simple and functional, and it operates flawlessly fast – thanks to Shopify, of course. The company takes storytelling to a whole new level, creating hooks that make you want to scroll through the product catalog to the end.

Key features:

  • Sells a Japanese beverage usually referred to as “Japanese rice wine”
  • Simple and fun design
  • Integrated Instagram feed 
  • Featured merchandise opportunities


Image credit: RIFRUF

This New York brand became known for releasing the first sneakers for dogs, the designer model for four-legged friends called Caesar 1, made from materials similar to regular human sneakers. Now, the website sells a variety of high-quality dog shoes, all designed for the ultimate convenience of our fluffy friends. RIFRUF, too, has some of the best Shopify website designs out there, without intrusive ads and senseless recommendations.

Here, numerous stories and educational video content pieces are contributing to increased sales. Embedded videos are a pleasure to watch because they are interesting and enjoyable. The use of the “picture in picture” video widget effectively handles tasks during direct orders, attracting attention and prompting to make an immediate purchase. The click-through rate is at its maximum, driving powerful conversions.

Key strengths:

  • Great brand story
  • Smart use of pictures showing happy customers using products
  • Educational video content
  • Comprehensive product benefit demonstration
  • Advanced video analytics and extensive video management

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As we can see, Shopify has plenty of advantages to serve as the foundation for a large business. If you’ve decided to launch your ecommerce website on Shopify, you need a reliable partner who knows everything about this platform.

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  • Optimization of client website operations, code audits, store support, and maintenance
  • Replatforming – transferring an ecommerce store from an outdated platform to a more versatile foundation
  • Transition to digital transformation without disrupting business operations

Our knowledge of Shopify, a large pool of experts, and flexible collaboration models make the development process simple and effective. Contact Elogic Ecommerce to hire a team of experienced specialists to help you migrate your website to Shopify or create a new one from scratch!

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Is it worth creating a website on Shopify?

Shopify is one of the best ecommerce platforms out there, especially for scaling businesses. If you’re looking for a fully readymade digital business foundation, this is it. You can sell products with minimal maintenance. It’s also ideal for beginners who want to create their own store without external assistance and don’t require that much control over key data.

Are Shopify stores successful?

In the second quarter of 2022, the total turnover of Shopify stores was $55 billion, with a growth of 17%. By the end of last year, they surpassed the total turnover of all sellers on Amazon. Today, the platform serves over 2.5 million businesses, including many well-known brands.

What can make a Shopify website remarkable?

  • A smooth dropdown menu
  • An option to search products by features
  • Videos and images demonstrating product benefits
  • Customer stories and reviews
  • Blog and integration with social media

Is it easy to create a website on Shopify?

The platform allows you to create an online store in a few steps without a single line of code. All you need to do is create a new user cabinet and name your new store. Then, choose the type of service and current revenue and add the credentials to receive payments. That’s it. You can start adding your products and services to the store.

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