10 Best BigCommerce Themes to Improve UX and Get More Happy Customers

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12mid read November 10, 2022
UI/UX design
10 Best BigCommerce Themes to Improve UX and Get More Happy Customers

Your customers get a first impression of your website in under 0.5 seconds. Dang, that’s a lot of pressure!

As a BigCommerce store owner, you have many options to make your shoppers stick around for longer than that. The best BigCommerce themes have everything you might need to impress your customers: sleek, modern design is combined with user-friendliness and easily customizable features.

Yet, it’s easy to get lost in a myriad of choices. BigCommerce itself offers 200+ themes, not to mention other community-based services, like ThemeForest or TemplateMonster.

After 13+ years of ecommerce development and hundreds of online stores launched, Elogic knows how important functional design is. Read further to see the list of the best BigCommerce shopping themes that will WOW your customers and drive sales growth.

How to Choose The Right BigCommerce Theme

If you own a brick-and-mortar store, you know how much product display and space planning matter. Obviously, online shopping behavior differs from in-store, but product layout in ecommerce is of no less importance. 

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Retailers lose almost 98% of customers at the first touchpoint with their brand and 70% of the remaining 2% before checkout. And yes, one of the reasons they leave is the visual and technical condition of your site. It includes look and feel, loading speed, product catalog and availability, smart navigation, etc. 

You can partially address those issues by thoroughly selecting BigCommerce templates. Here are a few factors you should consider while choosing the right one.

Show Me, Don’t Tell Me

A picture is worth a thousand words. An Adobe study discovered that 38% of users will leave your site if they don’t like the content or layout. A well-organized homepage will capture your customer’s attention if it’s attractive and functional. Images/photos alongside intuitive navigation are the cornerstones of presenting your products at their best. 

Thus, top BigCommerce themes should contain more visual blocks than textual ones.

Pro-tip: Keep the balance between text and images. No need to bump the user with an enormous chunk of text once landed on your homepage. But you also shouldn’t include only product images with no descriptions whatsoever. 

Good on Desktop, Good on Mobile

Strive for a responsive design. There are approximately 307 million active smartphone users, and around 47% of traffic in the US comes from mobile devices. So make sure your website runs equally well on laptops, PCs, smartphones, and tablets. It’s both about site performance and convenience of use on various devices.

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For instance, CLÉ, a luxury jewelry brand and Elogic client, had their website design optimized and adapted to mobile devices. A single integration of mobile payment methods resulted in 90% orders placed and paid from smartphones or tablets.

That’s why we recommend picking a BigCommerce responsive template and adjusting images to mobile view.

Smooth Navigation

Another essential thing is to help your customer easily find what they are looking for. The website structure should be logical and relevant to your products. You have to give your users a chance to filter your products by categories, types, colors, gender, etc.

The best decision is to divide products in the main menu and enable search via advanced filters.

Handy Shopping Cart and Checkout

Adding products to the shopping cart, reviewing or removing them, and proceeding to checkout are crucial features for creating positive UX or losing your potential customer forever.

Give your clients many payment options, like Google Pay, Apple Pay, American Express, PayPal, etc. If the payment fails, they may use another method. Otherwise, they can just leave your website.

Fast Loading

Website speed depends on many factors: server & hosting environment, number of SKUs in a catalog, third-party services connected in the back-end of your system. The UX design with unoptimized images and messy code will slow your website down even more. 

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Thus, choosing a light-weighted theme and optimizing page speed is crucial. If it loads for too long on its own, it’ll take even more time after you add your products.

Other Customers’ Reviews

Most customers (to be more precise, 93% of them) say that online reviews influenced their purchase decision. Also, approximately 50% of the respondents leave their feedback to brands.

Quite often a testimonial from a verified customer evokes more trust than the best marketing copy. To turn your website visitors into leads, let them read what other people say about your products. This may be the final argument that convinces them to buy from you.

Now that you know the basics of good BigCommerce website themes, let’s see some great examples you can select from.

10 Best BigCommerce Themes for 2022/2023

#1 Cornerstone Light

Cornerstone Light bigcommerce store theme

Why do we like it?

Being one of the best among free BigCommerce responsive themes, Cornerstone is simple but elegant and fully functional. 

Right from the first screen, you can grab customers’ attention with a CTA and product images. You can also feature the most popular and new products on the homepage so that your potential clients could preview your catalog. On top of that, you can add promotions at the end of the page.

Navigation is well-thought-out here, combining a customizable main menu and search filters. Cards with products come with an add-to-cart button, engaging users to place an order.

Key features

The theme has three styles and will come in handy for small to large businesses.

Cornerstone Light styles

Some other important characteristics of the theme are as follows:

  • Optimized for different devices, adapts to screen size
  • Complex filters for enhanced search
  • Multi-level navigation menu
  • One-click checkout
  • Possibility to add product videos
  • Discounts, and sales functionality

Price: free

Download theme: Cornerstone Light

#2 Fortune Minimal

Fortune Minimal, one of the best bigcommerce themes

Why do we like it?

Fortune Minimal theme is neat, and the carousel with a hero image places your products at the forefront, making a visitor focus on them. Below the photo, you’ve got enough space for your company’s mission statement or a brief product description.

We should also mention easy navigation that contains essentials only — Products divided into categories, Brands, Information about the company, Search, and Cart.

The Fortune Minimal theme will be an excellent fit for small and mid-sized product catalogs.

Key features

The theme comes in four styles, which allow you to choose colors, fonts, and layout.

Fortune Minimal styles

Theme functionality includes:

  • Product preview right from the grid
  • Suggestions, based on products added to the cart
  • Google Analytics Enhanced Commerce
  • Full responsiveness (optimized for different desktop and mobile devices, likewise browsers)
  • Quick search and filtering
  • Customizable checkout page, and much more

Price: free

Download theme: Fortune minimal

#3 Vault Bright

Vault Bright, one of the best bigcommerce shopping themes

Why do we like it?

Clear layout and color accents make this free BigCommerce store theme catch the eye. Add a promotional banner at the top of the homepage and a shopping cart available at any moment.

Super user-friendly navigation with a multi-tier menu allows you to include as many product categories as you need. This makes the Vault theme a perfect fit for large product portfolios.

Key features

Three styles are available out of the box:

 Vault Bright theme styles

The other essential features cover the following:

  • Marketing promotions, sales, and discounts
  • Featured, most popular, and new products sections
  • Advanced quick product view
  • Comparison of products
  • Top-notch navigation
  • Possibility to customize product selector and checkout
  • Responsiveness

Price: free

Download theme: Vault Bright

#4 LifeStyle Default

LifeStyle Default bigcommerce store theme

Why do we like it?

The LifeStyle Default theme is designed specifically if you plan to start an online clothing store. Besides the carousel with product images and CTAs, you can showcase new, featured, and most popular products.

Among other cool options, users can compare your goods or add them to their favorites right from the homepage.

There’s a blog that will help your visitors stay tuned for the latest fashion trends or outfit advice. You can also use it for SEO optimization to rank higher on search results.

Key features

  • Extensive filtering by categories and subcategories
  • Possibility to add products to favorites 
  • Multicurrency and easy checkout
  • Quick preview
  • Handy cart
  • Products videos, suggestions, comparisons, and so on

Price: free

Download theme: LifeStyle Default

#5 Pinnacle

Pinnacle bigcommerce responsive themes

Why do we like it?

Pinnacle stands out among other BigCommerce premium themes thanks to smooth navigation. It can suit businesses with huge product portfolios, like electronic appliances, sports goods, etc.

Key features

The theme comes in four customizable styles:

Pinnacle theme style
  • Multi-tier main menu
  • Extended and recent search
  • Product sorting and filtering
  • Customer account + wishlist
  • Coupons and gift certificates
  • Promotional banners
  • Multiple currencies, and much more

Price: $225

Download theme: Pinnacle Tech, Euro, Impact, Sport

#6 Scales

Scales bigcommerce responsive template

Why do we like it?

This minimalistic and elegant theme features a hero image and a stylish product grid. Despite large visuals, the theme is fully responsive. You might want to be cautious here, though: the text color may fail you if you add white text on the light photo. You might see it even on the screen above — letters on the beige background are unreadable. 

Besides the color customization, the theme navigation is intuitive, and the shopping cart is available from any page of the shop.

Product pages contain all the necessary details, including customer reviews.

Key features

This theme comes in four styles:

Scales theme styles

Also, it has the following features:

  • Persistent cart
  • Promotions and gift certificates
  • Customer account with the possibility to add products to favorites
  • Smart filtering and search
  • Customizable checkout page, etc.

Price: $175

Download theme: Scales Chic, Modern, Minimal, Pop

#7 Beautica

Beautica bigcommerce store design

Why do we like it?

This theme wins our hearts for multiple reasons. 

First, it has an exquisite design: minimalistic colors and bright accents will drive your shoppers’ attention to CTA buttons, promotions, cart, and even a wish list.

Second, it has a vast functionality. The main menu is its killer feature, without exaggeration. You can add not only categories and subcategories but even images.

Beautica homepage

Also, there’s a popup on the homepage to attract customers’ attention in case you run an active email campaign or generously offer discounts for first-time shoppers.

Beautica pop-up

Key features

Other important functions of this BigCommerce template come as follows:

  • Customer profile with registration and wishlist
  • Different marketing options to drive sales (like popups, banners, floating notifications, etc.)
  • Detailed product pages with reviews
  • Top-notch navigation 
  • Compatibility with different browsers and devices
  • Social media sharing and others

Price: $139

Download theme: Beautica

#8 Geneva

Geneva, one of bigcommerce responsive themes

Why do we like it?

It’s simple but has all the basic features a boutique shop might need: customer profile, reviews, promo codes, shopping cart suggestions, etc. 

Full-screen hero images and large vivid photos highlight your products. The minimalist design allows customers to focus on the current action. Just take a look at the sign-in page:

Geneva log-in page

Key features 

There are four styles you can choose from:

Geneva theme styles

Other features include:

  • Neat customized checkout
  • Multiple currencies and payment options
  • Easy add-to-cart functionality
  • Persistent cart
  • Basic navigation and filtering

The Geneva Theme is temporarily unable on https://www.bigcommerce.co.uk

Price: $175

Download theme: Geneva Pastel, Grey, Colorful, Bold

#9 Capacity

Capacity bigcommerce website themes

Why do we like it?

From the homepage to checkout, the theme is minimalistic yet well-thought.

On the first screen, you can showcase special offers and sales, or take your visitors straight to the shop. Below, you can add featured products with a quick preview and add-to-cart options.

Capacity is great for large product portfolios thanks to the convenient main menu with categories and subcategories available. Also, it has advanced search and filtering functionality to help your customers find the product they look for right away.

Key features

Capacity theme styles

Check the theme functionality:

  • Easy navigation
  • Personal account and the possibility to add products to favorites
  • Customer reviews
  • Product comparison
  • Google Analytics Enhanced Commerce
  • Single-page checkout, and more

Price: $225

Download theme: Capacity Warm, Bright, Clean, Cool

#10 Razor

Razor, one of bigcommerce premium themes

Why do we like it?

Razor BigCommerce theme is one of the best choices for large product catalogs with multiple categories.

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The theme is compatible with all kinds of devices and is fully customizable.

Key features

Razor comes in six different styles and layouts you can choose from.

Razor theme styles
Razor theme styles

Core theme functionality worth attention:

  • Smart product layouts, divided into categories
  • Extensive website menu and robust filtering
  • Quick preview
  • Featured products
  • Customer account and wishlists
  • Gift certificates, and many more

Price: $139

Download theme: Razor

Not Happy With Any Template? Customize Your BigCommerce Theme!

Even the most exquisite pre-designed theme won’t match your requirements perfectly. Fortunately, each BigCommerce theme is powered by the Stencil theme engine, which allows you to assign custom layout templates to storefront pages. 

Quite often this implies changes in the source code. Even for small design challenges, partnering with an expert can provide unique insights that will improve your store appearance and boost your conversion rates.

Elogic is a trusted BigCommerce partner who will certainly help you out! We’ll help you select the relevant toolkit and tailor any BigCommerce theme to your needs. With 13+ years in BigCommerce development services, we can help you customize the BigCommerce theme you’ve chosen.

Whatever help with your BigCommerce store design you require, drop us a line. We’ll make sure you get what you need.

Improve your BigCommerce store design today

Have an expert by your side to customize any theme or build one from scratch

Hire a BigCommerce developer

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Create a BigCommerce Website?

There are two ways: you can do it on your own using a pre-built theme or you can ask professionals to help you out with it. If you decide to go the first way, you’ll need to:

  1. Choose and buy a domain.
  2. Pick a template (you can use one of the listed above or select yours).
  3. Customize your theme.
  4. Add products to your website.
  5. Set up payment and shipping options.
  6. Test if everything works as it should and go live!

What BigCommerce Themes Are Good for a Beauty Shop?

The best theme is the one designed specifically for your business needs. If you can’t wait or lack the budget for creating your website from scratch, then we recommend opting for Beautica or Geneva. The first one will be great for large product catalogs, while the second will become a perfect match for a boutique shop.

You can also go for any other theme if you tailor it to your store’s needs.

Can I Change the BigCommerce Store Design?

Yes, unless it’s a custom-made design. Normally, when you use BigCommerce templates, you can alter colors, fonts, and even styles. For more complex changes, like customizing a product layout or a checkout page, you might need extra help from developers.

How to Choose a BigCommerce Developer?

Depending on your project requirements, you can hire freelance, in-house, or dedicated developers. Each option has its pros and cons. But if you decide to look for a developer on your own, we recommend paying attention to:

  • A vast portfolio of previous projects, preferably in the same category as yours.
  • Strong expertise in PHP and SQL or other relevant API clients, such as Ruby, Python, Node.js, etc.
  • Solid knowledge of front-end technologies like JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS, and so on.
  • Hands-on experience with payment gateways integration.
  • Experience with GA Enhanced Commerce and site performance optimization.

It’s a bare minimum of skills you may need. 

Doubt whether you can choose the right candidate or don’t have time to search? We’ve got you covered! Hire professional BigCommerce developers in less than two weeks. We hand-pick top talent for you while you may focus on your business strategy.

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