List of Well-Known Brands That Are Using Magento

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3mid read January 13, 2022
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List of Well-Known Brands That Are Using Magento

The easiest way to show the potential of the platform is to show examples of the implementation by successful Fortune 500 companies, where the quality of the product, and its capacities are a must.

Here is a short-list of well-known companies, which use Magento and we are pretty sure that they will migrate to Magento 2 to make their shops even more integrated and powerful:

      Official online-sore of Ford use Magento as their ecommerce platform.

     The official online store of the world-famous computer game Angry Birds, serves 5,000 visitors at a time, and 1 million. visitors per day with the help of Magento.

      Official online store Zend Technologies – developer of the PHP language and products Zend Studio,    Zend Framework, Zend Server use Magento for e-commerce purposes. By the way Zend framework is a core of the Magento and Magento 2.

  The official online store of Olympus – a leading Japanese manufacturer of optics with a turnover of ¥ 744 billion. And it also uses Magento.

     Official web shop of Nike.

    Chinese official online store Gap – US clothing manufacturer with a turnover of $ 15.6 billion.

   Official online store Gant – Swedish-American clothing manufacturer with a turnover of $ 1.3 billion.

   The official online store of 20th Century Fox – one of the six major film studios in the world.

   Official online store of the world-famous Swiss chocolate maker Lindt with a turnover of $  3.2 billion.

 Official online store of the magazine named Men’s Health, which is published in 61 countries.

   Official European online store tourism brand The North Face company VF Corporation. Sales of the brand: $ 2 billion.

      The official online store of spare parts for cars, Ford Lincoln brand.

   official online store of the Australia US manufacturer of shoes and clothing for extreme sports with a turnover of $ 545 million.

  Official online store of the New Zealand manufacturer of tourist clothes and equipment Kathmandu with a turnover of $ 307 million.

And that’s not the full list of companies that use Magento. Recent studies show that almost 39% of e-commerce stores among the top 1M most visited e-commerce shops on the internet use Magento as their platform. With the release of Magento 2 this number will barely increase as Magento 2 will provide more tools for enterprise-level stores and even more abilities to integrate them with their ERP, CRM systems, and 3d party applications.

So do you have any doubts about which e-commerce platform to choose for your store? We are sure that there is only one right solution for today – Magento, because this is an e-commerce platform for growth!

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