Magento Websites — 17 Best Magento Brands You’ll Want to Copy in 2023

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12mid read August 5, 2022
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Magento Websites — 17 Best Magento Brands You’ll Want to Copy in 2023

No matter how big or small your business is, you want to use the best ecommerce platform to reach more clients in the digital domain. The trouble comes when you choose one as the market is ripe with them. Is there any way to make this selection process faster?

Yes, and a proven technique is to see what other brands are using. Magento 2 (now Adobe Commerce) is treasured by all kinds of retailers — large and small — for its flexibility and scalability. Merchants can integrate third-party services without sacrificing the store speed and customize their websites in line with their brandbook.

At Elogic, we’ve been dealing with Magento websites for over a decade and have seen some high-end brands transform and disrupt their ecommerce niches with the Magento 2 platform. So here we bring 17 Magento websites showcasing the outstanding results, growth rates, and conversions they achieved with the platform.

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17 Most Inspiring Websites That Use Magento

According to BuiltWith, there are 162,787 live websites using Magento globally, including world-famous brands like Christian Louboutin, Coca-Cola, Ford, Bulgari, and others. Each of the mentioned brands has a strong online presence and a focus on providing a unique customer experience that makes them stand out from the competition. 

Here’s the list of other high-end companies that use Magento for their e-commerce stores. Let’s see what they’ve achieved after integration.

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Magento based websites - Rubik's

Rubik’s is one of the websites that use Magento 2 for their digital D2C commerce. Their main objectives for switching to Magento were improving sales within the UK, expanding their business overseas, and enhancing the brand experience through various touchpoints along the user’s journey. 

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Replatforming to Magento allowed Rubik’s to reduce bounce rate by 20% and cart abandonment by 30%. In the first six months, the sales increased by 150% in the UK and by 500% in France. Plus, they managed to boost the average order value (AOV) from £12.00 ($15.30) to £17.00 ($21.67) while also doubling the conversion rate.


HP Magento website

A tech giant on the Magento websites list, HP.Inc is a world-known manufacturer of computers and printers. As an international company, they wanted to provide localized experiences to their customers in various countries of the Asia-Pacific region. They also needed a smooth and fast buy-online-pick-up-in-store (BOPIS) scheme. 

By powering their websites with Magento store-by-store across the region, they streamlined the order placement, tracking, shipment, and pick-up depending on various e-commerce cultures. Plus, they’ve integrated the find-at-store feature that allowed the clients to spend less time shopping in the land-based stores and find what they needed faster. By drawing more clients to their online stores for pick-ups, the company saved on shipping and increased its land-based store revenue.

Lafayette 148

Lafayette 148 Magento website

Lafayette 148, a New York-based clothing brand, is on the list of companies using Magento for their digital commerce websites. After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the company shifted the focus from wholesale to D2C model and needed a reliable platform to get closer to the clients and respond to their new needs. 

By integrating their website with Magento 2, the brand substituted in-person shopping with an online platform as smoothly as possible. With their new Magento-based website, the managers could use the clients’ data to personalize the marketing campaigns, expand their brand geography, and enter new markets. Plus, they launched a website for a new project AtelierDirect that offers its clients stylist booking options and curated one-on-one shopping. 


Nike Magento website

Nike.Inc has one of the top Magento websites in the apparel industry — and not only because it’s the leader! Represented in various markets globally, the company needed an online platform that would support the flexibility of producing regular targeted campaigns. They also wanted to increase their D2C sales, so they developed two core strategies: consumer direct offensive (CDO) and consumer direct acceleration (CDA).

Becoming one of the Magento ecommerce websites, Nike enabled direct-from-Facebook shopping in their Aussie branch. In addition, the platform allowed for the integration of various digital technologies, including VR and AR, that Nike’s website is famous for (like online try-on, sneakers customization, etc.) It helped them provide a unique customer-oriented experience for every shopper. 


An example of Magento websites - Asus

Asus is the next brand on our list of Magento showcase websites. The company switched to Adobe Commerce as they needed to unite the platforms for B2C and B2B clients and power the managers with a holistic view of the digital interaction of the clients from both segments. They also wanted to improve the communication between the resellers and the local offices.

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Since the Magento deployment, the company had experienced 56% revenue growth, 59% transactions increase, and 32% more web sessions. Adobe’s centralized management system allowed swift communication between the producer’s and reseller’s offices, which helped improve operations between the units, and provide personalized discounts for corporate and individual clients.


Joie is one of the websites using Magento

Joie, a woman’s clothing brand operating since 2001, is also on the list of Magento websites. Our team at Elogic partnered up with the company to migrate the brand from Magento 1 to Magento 2 since it allowed more third-party integration options and a better design solution.

After Magento 2 migration, the company got access to custom marketing functionalities and designs that reflected their brand identity. We integrated the plugin that automatically updated the database on the product availability in stock, which made the life of store managers easier.

With the integrated 4-Tell platform, the website look was powered by machine learning that displayed the most relevant items based on the user’s previous search or preferences. Plus, the clients could buy directly from their Instagram page, which boosted sales and customer-generated content. 

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Paul Smith

Magento websites list - Paul Smith

For this British clothing brand, it was essential to have a simple platform to support the omnichannel shopping experience for high-end clients.

After becoming one of the Magento websites, the digital store achieved a 15.5% increase in revenue, an 8.6% influx of mobile users, and a 5% increase in mobile conversion. It was possible due to the improvement of the mobile experience and looks (clear listing pages, easily accessible links), added PayPal Express Checkout, and a custom React.js-based content editor to manage and customize the storefront and sections.

VF Corporation

VF Corporation fortune 500

VF Corporation, a Fortune 500 company that owns the North Face, Timberland, Vans, Wrangler, and many other brands chose Magento 2 to gather multi-brand client analytics in one place. Specifically, they wanted to know their clients more to deliver personalized shopping experiences. Adobe Commerce was their choice to keep the analytics data together. 

After the Adobe Analytics integration, they optimized the customer journey for various buyers’ persona based on demographics, preferences, and other data. Plus, it allowed the company to uncover new insights about their clients and enhance the shopping experience across the brands. And, of course, having one vendor for multiple services — and Adobe offers a lot of them for analytics, design, automation, etc. —only makes the integration process with other Adobe products easier.


Magento ecommerce websites - Bulgari

Bulgari is one of the best Magento websites you’ll find on the web if you’re looking for a luxury shopping experience. A famous Italian brand launched multiple initiatives for shoppers from Singapore, UAE, Mexico, South Korea, Brazil, and Italy in 2020 after sensing the e-commerce opportunity followed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With Adobe Commerce, they could localize websites, enable virtual try-on and near-real fitting experience, and provide detailed display of products online. They also integrated the shipment tracking plugin to make the shipping process more secure and added various payment options.

Sigma Beauty

Sigma Beauty is one of the companies that use Magento

Sigma Beauty, a multi-branded makeup products retailer, was oriented toward the D2C business model. However, after the internal company changes, they tapped into the B2B segment and wanted to unify their management workflows using the e-commerce platform that would allow both. Adobe Commerce was the right choice for them.

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As one of Magento 2 multiple websites, it offers filter-based categorization, customer-generated content, and flawless mobile appeal regardless of the platform and device. Magento-native B2B model allowed to save ecommerce development costs while providing a feature-packed interface for the business clients, including fast access to pricing catalogs and account management profiles.


Coca Cola is on the list of companies using Magento

The digital store of Coca-Cola in the LATAM region is rightfully dubbed as one of the best Magento 2 websites. With Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe Commerce, Adobe Target, and Adobe Analytics, the company improved the digital UX. It also increased regional sales during Mexico’s “Coca-Cola at your home” campaign. 

In only 12 months, the company saw a 45% increase in new accounts and an 18% increase in AOV. In addition, Magento 2 website helped the brand streamline water delivery to the least accessible areas during the pandemic. 

Cox & Cox

Cox & Cox, one of the best Magento websites

The UK homeware business Cox & Cox had to migrate to Magento 2 since they needed more site and client management functionality. The brand also went for a mobile-first design to cater to the needs of mobile users and smart SEO. Plus, they had downtime issues and sought to improve their PCI compliance. 

After migration to Magento 2, they could reach a 45% increase in mobile sales (and 28.8% in total) and 26% of AOV. They also redesigned their storefront, making it more intuitive and device-oriented. In fact, the project was so successful that Cox & Cox won the Best Magento Upgrade Award!

Tommy Hilfiger

an example of magento ecommerce websites - Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger, a well-known American brand, can be easily named among the top 10 Magento websites for its clarity regarding shopping cart and check-out. 

After switching to Magento 2, the company provided features that simplified cart management (every item now comes with its short description, availability in sizes and colors, and in-cart details). They’ve also changed the location of Apply Code discount field to decrease cart abandonment.

Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen,one of the best Magento 2 websites

As a manufacturer of outdoor apparel presented internationally, Helly Hansen company needed a reliable e-commerce platform to meet and exceed the expectations of their clients around the world. They chose Magento 2 to power all 55 websites with various language, payment, and shipping options. The flexibility that Magento 2 had allowed them was unrivaled with easy localization and smooth content management. 

As a result of partnering with Adobe, they achieved a 40% increase in overall e-commerce revenue, a 20% increase in overall traffic, and a 37% increase in mobile users.

Marie Claire

Magento based websites - Marie Claire

Originally a land-based company, Marie Claire decided to join the army of multi-channel businesses and started developing its e-commerce plan. They needed to go online fast, so the choice of the platform was quite obvious: Adobe Commerce is one of the top digital platforms allowing fast time to market. 

With a custom ERP system, they could source all available inventory data across the online and land-based stores. The online store’s look and feel resembled the brick-and-mortar experience, and the BOPIS system fueled in-store traffic and cut shipping costs. As a result of powering their website with Magento, Marie Claire could increase their AOV by 30% and improve conversions by 40%.

Official Liverpool FC Store

Official Liverpool FC Store is on the Magento websites list

Football clubs also understand the need for online shopping storytelling, and Liverpool FC leads the digital game like no other. 

By switching to Magento 2, they could focus on making visual content a driver for making purchase. They could improve the client’s loyalty by showcasing user-generated content and involving clients in the content-creation process. 


Dampfi is one of the companies that use Magento is a Swiss online vape shop that wanted to expand to other markets and, consequently, needed a reliable and scalable e-commerce platform. Our team at Elogic helped them stay ahead of ecommerce trends and migrated to Magento 2 adding more features to their e-store. What did our client receive?

An improved inventory management process, thanks to the integration of ERP with various third-party solutions. Plus, Magento 2’s flexibility and scalability allowed us to add unique features for marketing and client navigation (credit decisions, pick-to-light system, find cheaper price filters, etc.)


Becoming one of the Magento websites benefits online-only or omnichannel businesses. Whether you’re looking for unique functionality, smooth custom design, unifying management of D2C, B2C, and B2B stores, or improving the mobile experience, Adobe Commerce will be the right choice to do it. And as you can see from this guide, it entails a pretty attractive increase in numbers that matter! 

Wonder how can you get started with re-platforming or creating your future-proof e-commerce platform from scratch? Contact the Elogic team — we provide various Magento-related services to help your business thrive in the online domain!

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Why is Magento best for e-commerce website development?

It’s the most optimal choice since it gives businesses the flexibility for third-party tools integration, custom design options, and scalability. In addition, Magento 2 websites are easier to power with other Adobe tools for analytics, automation, and usability that would assure a sleek performance, unique design, and pleasant UX.

How can you tell if a site is Magento?

You can check the Magento-powered websites at or search for success stories at the Adobe site

What famous brands are using Magento websites?

Ford Accessories, Bulgari, Coca-Cola, Olympus, Asus, HP, and many other companies from various industries use Magento-powered e-commerce platforms for their online shops. 


Why is Magento best for e-commerce website development?

It’s the most optimal choice since it gives businesses the flexibility for third-party tools integration, custom design options, and scalability. In addition, Magento 2 websites are easier to power with other Adobe tools for analytics, automation, and usability that would assure a sleek performance, unique design, and pleasant UX.

How can you tell if a site is Magento?

You can check the Magento-powered websites at or search for success stories at the Adobe site.

What famous brands are using Magento websites?

Ford Accessories, Bulgari, Coca-Cola, Olympus, Asus, HP, and many other companies from various industries use Magento-powered e-commerce platforms for their online shops.

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