What is Smarketing?



Smarketing is a union of marketing and sales teams with a goal of achieving better performance and gaining more revenue. Smarketing is considered to be an important part of inbound marketing methodology because when a marketing team finds sales opportunities they move it to the “Closing” stage and let the sales team close the deal. Both marketing and sales teams carry an equal level of responsibility; therefore, the key aspect of this approach is cooperation. 

However, the implementation of this strategy can sometimes be difficult. For example, according to HubSpot, 87% of interviewed people when they were asked about how smarketing works for their business, claimed that the experience is rather more negative than positive. The reason behind this negative experience for members of the marketing team lied in unsuccessful deals from the sales team, while the sales team complains about the poor quality of leads provided by the marketing department.

Reasons to develop Smarketing strategy

There  are three reasons why a business should invest in the development of  smarketing strategy:

  • Better ROI for both departments. Following a closed-loop reporting provided by the marketing department,  sales teams can turn cold calls into warm calls and therefore have higher chances to convert a prospect into a customer. And from their side, the sales team can provide details on which types of leads convert into paying customers more frequently. An efficient time allocation brings improvements to teams’ ROI
  • Faster achievement of business goals. Close cooperation of two departments towards the same goals cat not only increase profits but also help to reach business goes much faster.
  • Improvement of team culture and team solidarity. When both teams are satisfied with working with each other they can create a peaceful environment in the office and focus on the productive work

SQL and MQL leads

According to the actions taken by the user and the relationships between him and the company, there are sales qualified leads, or SQL, and marketing qualified leads or MQL. 

Sales qualified leads (SQL) are warm leads that require a follow-up from the sales department or leads that have been in contact with the marketing department and moved from MQL to SQL.

Marketing qualified leads (MQL) are leads that are ready for contact with the marketing department, i.e a marketing team should provide these leads a demonstration of products or services, case studies, buying guides, etc.


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