What is Bottom-of-the-Funnel?



Bottom-of-the-funnel, or BoFu, is the content designed for prospects that have passed top and middle stages of the sales funnel. Prospects at the bottom stage of the sales funnel already know about the services or products of the company, so the content that is produced for the lower stage should be aimed at convincing potential buyers to take action (get a subscription, buy the product). Content that motivates people to make a purchase includes blogs, articles, videos, events, and webinars. Providing content with topics, which are related to the company’s activities, proves the company’s competence, and can strengthen customer relationships as well. 

BOFU content doesn’t only help with the conversion of prospects into customers but can also convert existing customers into brand advocates. For example, if a company posted an interesting piece of content for its existing clients they can share it on social networks and therefore interest their friends and acquaintances in the company’s activities.

BoFu types of content

The content intended for the bottom funnel of sales is completely specific to each company since it depends on the industry, the type of product or service, and the audience. The thing that unites all types of content at this stage is that they are personalized and designed for prospects, who know about the company and are willing to become its clients.

Here are some popular types of BoFu content:

  • Blogposts and articles. In comparison with a general article that has a goal to present products or services the company provides,  blog posts and articles for prospects at the “purchase” stage and existing customers carry a certain value specifically for them, for example, what makes the company’s products better from competitors or tell something about company’s vision. As an example, please consider checking our article on how dynamic content can boost your website conversion rates.
  • Podcasts. Podcasts are one of the most effective ways to reach out to your audience. With the help of this type of content, companies can communicate on various topics and discuss business-related questions with listeners. And if a prospect becomes a frequent listener of the company’s podcasts, he will most likely want to become its customer.
  • Videos. Videos designed for BoFu customers should have information, which will be engaging. For example, if a company shares videos on customer’s thoughts about products and services, prospects will have more reasons to trust it.


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