10 Ways to Improve Sales of Your Online Store
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10 Ways to Improve Sales of Your Online Store
10 Ways to Improve Sales of Your Online Store

10 Ways to Improve Sales of Your Online Store

Every day number of online stores are being launched in the same industries. The competition level gets higher too. The only way to survive in the world of e-business - to provide the customer with outstanding service.

This article will help you to understand the reason of low sales, find new ways to attract new customers and increase conversion of your online store.

       1. Gain of costumers TRUST

Customer loyalty to the company plays an important role in business. By accessing an online store, the customer wants to see reviews on and be able to contact a representative of the company. Therefore, the store should contain elements that cause the trust of users and increases the desire to buy from your store.

Here is a check-list of such elements:

  • Reviews. According to statistics, 85% of consumers read reviews about the product before purchase, and 79% completely trust in what they read. Reviews of products form an opinion of your website visitors. Reviews - one of the most successful types of site content, so-called "social proof" that other people believe you. Therefore, it is important to monitor the appearance of any information that could affect your reputation to consider criticism of the negative reviews, and promote positive.
  • Online assistance. Often, a person may need consulting about their chosen product. The customer will make a purchase, where you can immediately get the answer. For example, an online chat Cleversite allows user to solve a problem online. According to statistics, the use of such services on the site increases sales by 30-40%.
  • Callback. This is a nice alternative to an online chat service organization. You can serve a call of the sales manager to a client. The attention to the user will increase desire to buy from your company.

    2. Store navigation

The time spent on your site depends on how clear and logical your navigation chain is. The customer should be able to go back to the desired page of the site at any time. Therefore, for online shopping are important so-called "breadcrumbs" on every page - the path from the main page to a current through the sections and subsections.

       3. Рop-up windows

Pop-up window is a powerful tool of a lead generation, but you have to be really careful about using it.  The timing of  pop-ups must be selected individually, depending on the scope of your business and visitor behavior on the site. Pop-ups should contain no more than two fields to fill in, and appear at regular intervals, so as not to annoy the user.

       4. User interface of your online store (UI)

The interface of the site should attract the user from the first seconds. Interface, color, shape buttons - all these little details affect the user's selection. Here is an example of a few web design trends this year, which will make the online store more attractive and pleasant to use:

      Transparent Call To Action (CTA) - buttons:

The combination of text and image:


Buttons allow the call to action to guide shoppers in the process of staying on the resource. CTA-button should appear in every screen to be visible and always easy accessed by the user, on any page of the site . The role of this interface element is very important for conversion optimization.

Motivating phrases like: "call", "contact us", "send mail" are also generating leads, so I advise to fix the contact details in header / footer, so the user will always have to rely on feedback, and will not have to return to the home page.

       6. Perception of the store

The task of each owner of an online store - to provide ease of use even for those users who are not experienced in using the Internet and purchasing online.

Online Stores must have:

- clear distribution of products into categories
- the optimal description of the goods
- text  divided into several blocks
- site navigation on every page
- visible buttons that call for targeted actions

       7. Authorization

On the authorization as well as on the order page the user pay attention to a number of factors:

-  choice - to use the site as an authorized user or as a guest
- the number of fields for registration: should be short form for easiness of use
- clear and simple order page
- payment and delivery options.

       8. User Experience (UX)

There is a method to determine the most conversion pages on your site or its individual parts - A/B testing. This is a method of determining the most effective web page (or some of its elements), by proposing users with the two options. With the help of experiments and Google Analytics can understand which of the ideas are effective and preferred by customers.

       9. So called "Marketing traps"

All kinds of related units, recommended products, as well as blocks of bestsellers, new products, and hits. Price tags, tricks with free additions to the main purchase (delivery, for example), discounts for large amounts, shares and other techniques salespeople - all this will serve as the increase the average receipt. Implement them if you still have not.

       10. Optimization of lead generation

Google Analytics - the best and most popular tool for tracking of key indicators of an online store. Taking advantage of this service will improve lead generation. Also you should pay attention to a number of indicators:

- the ratio of leads and traffic to the page
- Card user clicks analysis
- Website traffic
- Site map path.

Try new, invent, do experiments, so that the user will come back to you again and again and finally will become your loyal customer. Improve your site, and you will become a leader in your retail industry's online segment!

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