10 Best Magento Development Companies Operating Globally

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August 9, 2021
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10 Best Magento Development Companies Operating Globally

Magento is a great tool for online stores: it is scalable, it fits any kind of eCommerce business, and it offers impressive design, safety, payments, and design opportunities. Therefore, more than 167,000 eCommerce websites on the Internet are powered by Magento!

Empowering your eCommerce store with Magento can take your business to the next level. So we decided to provide an overview of the 10 best Magento development companies and share some useful tips on how to choose the vendor that meets your needs.

Why Companies Choose Magento for eCommerce 


Magento helps eCommerce businesses to rank higher on the search result pages compared to those not powered by the platform. It automatically creates SEO-friendly URLs and offers meta-implementation options. 

The platform also makes it way easier to handle the mobile versions of the website. While 54,8% of traffic comes from mobile devices, search engines make mobile friendliness their priority. So by creating a custom mobile version of the website with Magento, you will be able to both rank higher and not lose half of the customers who will be scared away by the unresponsive design. 

Website Performance

Online stores have specific needs when it comes to website speed and Magento aims to power the fastest eCommerce websites. Further leveraging Magento performance optimization service, you can: 

  • easily manage a big flow of customers on sales days or holidays
  • benefit from full page caching opportunities
  • regularly update catalog, users, and price data regularly
  • handle more than 80,000 orders per hour

All of this will keep your page loading time under 3 seconds which is a must-have requirement for SEO. 

Multi-Store Support

If you have more than one online store, you can manage them all from one account. It will make your business management way easier and less confusing. 

Language and Currency Support

If you are interested in selling products internationally, Magento is a great option as it meets the needs of international eCommerce businesses by supporting different currencies and languages. You can attract more customers by providing the option to navigate the websites in their native language and to avoid paying too many fees for currency exchanges. It is a great way to build customer’s trust and confidence as well. 

Endless Space For Customization

Magento allows you to create unique web designs and to easily integrate some best ecommerce tools to make your eCommerce management as easy as possible. As for the design, the platform provides CSS customization and offers its expertise in building trendy and unique interfaces in the blog. Such integrations as PayPal, MailChimp, Google Shopping, and others will help you to keep all the needed business tools in one place and provide the best experience to customers. 

As you see, Magento was created to meet the needs of online stores specifically: you will not be able to find such a wide range of customization, performance-boosting, and integration opportunities on any other platform.

Source: Qualdev

10 Best Magento Development Companies

Do you want to enhance your business with that mighty tool? Well, you should probably look for a development company that can help you to adopt it. 

With that many agencies out there, it seems like you will surely find someone to do the job. However, a big choice is not your best friend sometimes. The number of Magento development companies is overwhelming and it is hard to choose the one (and only) partner for your business. 

Therefore, we’d like to navigate you through the market and narrow down the options. We have chosen the 10 best Magento development companies and prepared tips on how to choose one for your company. 

#1 Elogic

Elogic Commerce

Elogic has been on the Magento development market for more than 9 years now, so they know how to facilitate any kind of eCommerce Magento project from fashion to glassware stores. They have expert certifications, 90+ specialists for all your needs, and numerous certified partners for shipping and payments. Such established companies as Amsale and Carbon38 have already used their services and benefited from the profound expertise of Elogic’s team. 

#2 Inchoo

Inchoo website screenshot

Inchoo is a development company with more than 13 years of experience in Magento development, meaning that they started as soon as the platform came out. They are certified solution partners and helped more than 200 clients to use all the possible Magento benefits. Inchoo is widely known for its user experience professionals and expertise in marketing. 

#3 Rave Digital

Rave Digital screenshot

Rave Digital does not focus solely on Magento services but they still manage to remain among the top Magento development companies. They have developed more than 400 high-quality websites powered by Magento and are considered to be Innovators on the Magento Marketplace. They treat the best web design practices and customization as their top priorities. 

#4 Mageplaza

Mageplaza website screenshot

Mageplaza has 6 years of experience in developing eCommerce solutions with Magento. They provide extensions for Magento merchants and offer custom development services. They pay special attention to the needs of their clients to ensure that everyone is satisfied with the result. Mageplaza is also known for strict control of its code quality. 

#5 Forix 

Forix website screenshot

Forix offers a wide range of solutions to enterprises, including Magento development. Their experts always follow the latest trends of eCommerce and offer migrations, integrations, and extensions. Their main goal is to let enterprises relax and take care of their business goals, rather than stressing out about the website.

#6 Nevina Infotech

Nevina Infotech website screenshot

Nevina Infotech provides expertise in Magento development because they see it as a chance to dive deeper into the eCommerce market and make a change there. They are based in India, treat clients as their priority, and promise bug- and error-free solutions. They actually take pride in their 100% quality assurance. 

#7 Commerce Hero

Commerce Hero website screenshot

Commerce Hero is not a usual Magento service provider. They offer their website as a platform where the best Magento developers, agencies, and clients meet. The marketplace is extremely helpful if you are looking for individual developers with certain expertise and skills. The system will let you filter out the developers based on their certifications, hiring models, relocation possibility, location, etc. 

#8 FishEye

FishEye website screenshot

FishEye is an established Magento development company in the UK. They aim at continuous improvement and support of their clients to ensure that their products will remain relevant in the years to come. More than 30 certified Magento developers on their team always freshen their skills to keep up with all the updates and trends to better assist the customers. 

#9 IWD Agency

IWD website screenshot

IWD Agency is ready to assist businesses at any stage. Whether they are just starting or have an established enterprise with improvement needs, this Magento development company is ready to help with everything. They have been on the market for more than 12 years and have established a trusted partnership with Magento. They can also help with BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce. 

#10 Absolute Design

Absolute Design website screenshot

Absolute Design was established back in 1994. They bring together Magento developers, astonishing designers, eCommerce experts, and experienced digital marketers to make sure that your online store will thrive for sure. They also can analyze your website and provide consultations on the needed improvements. Absolute Design pays close attention to maintenance and security. 

What Services Does a Magento Agency Provide?

How exactly can Magento agencies be helpful? You can partly understand whether the agency is a good one depending on the services that they provide. Best Magento development companies always offer end-to-end solutions so that you do not have to change the agencies midway. They want to support you on every step you do.

Therefore, the full list of services usually includes the following:

eCommerce Website Development

If you are just starting the journey of the eCommerce industry, you will need a website. Magento agencies can build it from scratch, helping you along with research, design solutions, architecture, etc. All in all, you will not have to read all kinds of literature and study web development to understand what to do with the website: a professional agency will provide you with experts who can do all the work while you are focusing on business goals. 

If you already have a team, you can also ask for an extension, so a couple of professionals would join you to speed up the development process. 


If you already own an online store and want to move to Magento, it is not a problem either. Agencies will make sure that all the essential components of your website will be successfully transferred and the downtime will be as short as possible. After the migration process, you can enjoy all the benefits of Magento like mobile-friendliness, SEO efficiency, easy third-party integrations, and numerous built-in features that are a must for eCommerce. 


Do you already have a website that is powered by Magento and you want to boost your performance still? Development agencies are here to help you out. They will fully analyze your website and give suggestions about performance boost, user experience, and SEO. They can also help you to fix the existing issues instantly since they always have top Magento developers and marketing professionals to back you up on any improvements. 

UX/UI Design

User experience is everything in eCommerce. It can either make your visitors feel welcome, comfortable, and at ease or crush their trust and make them extremely angry in the worst case. Most Magento development agencies have worked with eCommerce for years and know exactly what users expect, how they want to navigate different categories of online stores, and what makes them want to buy. The design teams of such agencies always follow the latest trends too so that best traditional practices can meet never-ending innovation. 


Unfortunately, it is not enough to just build the website: you have to maintain it to preserve its performance. Top Magento web development companies provide the following maintenance services:

  • Adding new features: the market is always changing and you have to add new features to keep up with the competitors
  • Troubleshooting: some bugs appear after the testing is done and you have to get rid of them to provide the best experience
  • Security updates: cybercriminals evolve too fast and 350,000 malicious programs appear every day. eCommerce deals with payments and shipping, thus collecting personal information. Make sure you can keep it safe by installing new safety updates. 

Maintenance also includes performance optimization, regular audits, server setup, etc. 

Elogic provides all of them and knows how to take your eCommerce business to the next level!


Are you interested in some of the services mentioned above?

Take a look at the ones Elogic and take your eCommerce business to the next level!

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6 Tips to Consider When Choosing the Best Magento Agency

When it comes to choosing a Magento agency, a wide range of services is not the only thing you need to pay attention to. We recommend using these 6 tips while searching for a company to work with. 

A quick detour: Choosing a reliable eCommerce solution partner is a responsible process as the long-term success of your project depends on it. Take a look at this video to learn more details on how to choose the best-fitting vendor.

Define Your Business Needs and Opportunities 

Before looking at any agency, you have to define your business needs, requirements, and budget. If you can not work with remote teams, you will have to settle for local agencies and developers. In case when you need a complex project to be developed quickly, you will have to look for development companies with many available IT professionals on the team and years of experience. The budget can limit the options significantly as well. 

Work Only with Magento Certified Agencies

It is one of the easiest ways to filter out all the scams of poor-quality agencies out there. If it is not a Magento-certified agency, they are not allowed to work with the platform. The certification suggests that a developer or a team knows the core concepts of Magento, they will not try to create a feature that the platform already has or build architecture in a completely wrong way. The wrong usage of Magento will lead to performance and compatibility issues. 

Magento Adobe certifications of Elogic
An example of Magento Adobe certifications on Elogic webpage.

Choose Companies with Years of Experience  

Experience in the IT industry does matter a lot. There is no chance that someone with 1 month of experience can create a flawless website at the right timing. Experience in Magento development means that the agency knows how to use the platform to its fullest, how to overcome new challenges more easily, and what users and clients want to see in an online store. Developers with a great background will hop on the project quicker and be more proactive in suggesting improvements as well. 

Evaluate the Technology Stack of Magento Developers 

Magento is being constantly improved to make eCommerce websites even more functional or speed up the development process overall. It was actually the reason for Magento 2’s launch: there were so many cool technologies and features that they had to add to the platform. So make sure that your agency uses Apache, Nginx, PHP, MySQL, Varnish, Redis, Solr, Composer, and whatever new technologies that might have appeared by the time this post is published. You can also use these Magento 2 interview questions to fully evaluate the expertise of developers. 

Check Company’s Portfolio or Read Reviews and Testimonials

Development agencies can, unfortunately, write or say whatever they want and it does not matter if it is true or not. You can learn more about the company only if you listen to what their clients have to say about them. So firstly, you can read reviews online to narrow down the list. However, when you have only two or three Magento agencies to choose from, it is the best time to contact their previous clients. They can tell you exactly how the agency works, what their priorities are, and how they handle emergencies.  

Request Cost Estimation and Assess the Quality of Communication

You can create the perfect product that matches your needs only if you communicate well with the agency. Transparent and efficient communication helps to prevent disappointments, overhead costs, burnout, and running out of time and money. Feel free to ask previous clients how responsive the agency is and whether there were any misunderstandings. 

To save yourself some time, you can even outline the conditions of your communication in an RFP for ecommerce website. Specify your requirements, expectations, and business goals, so your vendor is well-aware of them.


Finding the best Magento eCommerce development company takes time and effort. However, the investment will totally pay off later since you will not have to change agencies midway, waste your money on scams, or deal with passive developers. 

We hope that our list and tips were helpful and wish you the top Magento agencies on your way. 

Do you need help developing high-quality eCommerce solutions with Magento?

Elogic has 10+ years of experience building Magento projects and 50+ certified professionals to help you out!

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