Visma Integration or the Nordic Way to Manage Online Businesses

Ecommerce integrations
6mid read February 12, 2021
Ecommerce integrations
Magento Visma Integration [+A Case Study]

As your business grows, the administrative tasks are adding up, sometimes to the point that your head is about to explode and things are getting out of control. The best solution to deal with such unmanageable issues is to automate business processes, and here’s where Visma integration steps in.

Visma has been proudly serving the major markets in the Nordic region of Europe. The company delivers SaaS-focused software that assists companies to work smarter across departments and centralizes control, thus, helping to maximise productivity.

Visma Group revenues and company structure
Visma Group revenues and company structure. Source: Visma.

Magento is the leading ecommerce platform across the world, and integrating it with Visma is always a winning move for merchants. If Magento forms the core of your store, Visma integration will allow you to add more administrative functionalities to it and shake this headache related to business operations.

Let’s see what Visma has to offer and how Visma integration will change your Magento ecommerce business. 

What Is Visma?

Visma, which stands for “visual + management”, is a software streamlining business and administrative processes and providing a wide range of ERP, HRM and CRM solutions.

Visma Group is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and operates mainly in the Nordic region catering to the needs of small and large businesses; central and local governments; organizations providing education; welfare services; and healthcare services.

Visma software covers a wide range of administrative services and includes the following:

  • Accounting and ERP is perfect for SMEs to streamline business-critical processes.
  • Financial management is suitable for large enterprises to handle complex accounting, budgeting, and tax operations.
  • HR and payroll facilitates workforce management.
  • Procurement provides a solution for creating and managing tenders.
  • Invoicing and debt collection allows to automate invoicing and bank transactions.
  • Welfare technology is the best fit for government institutions and NGOs to manage public resources.

Apart from a few officially developed modules, Visma gives access to its APIs. So developers can create their own custom solutions and integrate Visma in their projects.

Visma API Integrations

Good news for all owners of Magento stores: Visma is dedicated to creating modules to add extra functionality specifically to Magento. This enables API-led integration strategy with Magento and Visma endpoints that could be connected.

Here is a list of Visma API integrations that can be connected to Magento stores.


Visma eAccounting is a cloud based accounting software for SMEs which provides such functionality as invoicing, bookkeeping, logistics, and bank integration. Integration with this system will allow you to 

  • keep track of bank transactions;
  • send offers or invoices from your mobile phone;
  • create payslips for your employees;
  • calculate taxes automatically and report to the authorities.

Your integration with Visma eAccounting could potentially make your online business serve 100,000+ customers in four different markets.


Visma e-conomic also provides accounting solutions for businesses but gives more flexibility to Visma integration partners thanks to the REST & SOAP APIs. Some use cases of e-conomic API integration are

  • Webshops for order management and invoicing
  • Mass billing and document handling (e.g. attaching receipts)
  • Stock keeping
  • Automation for accountants

Magento 2 Visma e-conomic integration will allow you to control the inventory of your online store, bookkeep every customer making an order, and avoid making human errors while typing order data in your shop.

Example of a custom Visma e-conomic dashboard
Example of a custom e-conomic dashboard. Source: Plecto.


Tripletex is a system aimed at SMEs. It gives an ecommerce business owner a chance to read and change most entities in the ERP-system, like customers, inventory-items, invoices, departments, employees, suppliers, projects, hours, etc. This ERP system can be a perfect basis for your online store.

Magento Tripletext integration will allow you to automate business-critical processes and manage orders, warehouse, and employee working hours easily.

Read more on what ERP is and when you need it in another article of our blog.
Ecommerce integrations
Top 6 ERP Systems for Small Businesses ERP is a cloud-based ERP-platform suitable for large enterprises with advanced needs for finance, logistics, and project management. The system includes most of the features of Tripletex as well as the REST API which will allow you to configure further functionalities for your web store.

Magento 2 integration will optimize your ecommerce flow and update inventory in real time. You’ll see the order status, customer profile, payment method, and sales prices in the palm of your hand.

Ecommerce flow after integration
Ecommerce flow after integration. Source: Visma. Payroll Payroll allows you to take control over your staff financial management. Read your employee data and write variable transactions. Use the system together with other travel and expense apps to issue employee compensations. Manage relationships with your personnel effectively and stress-free.

When integrated with your Magento store, Payroll will take your HR department to a new level and let you focus on sales and business rather than routine payroll tasks.

A full list of Magento API integrations can be found in another article of our blog.
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Why Integrate Visma with Magento? Our Client Case Study

Screenshot of Benum website.

Benum is a leading Norwegian distributor of professional audio equipment, like Shure, Allen & Heath, Genelec and Universal Audio. Benum operates mainly in the B2B sector and presents a flexible system of discounts for its customers, so the e-store functionality has been of the utmost importance to the brand.

At Elogic, we created a fully functional Magento 2 B2B website for Benum, which improved the operational efficiency of the store and allowed the company to deliver better customer service. The website is running on Magento Commerce Cloud, which presented much room for the store and product customization. Magento 2 also allowed for smooth integration with the business frameworks and third-party systems, Visma being one of them.

Magento Visma integration was implemented using the Vitari connector extended by our back-end developers at Elogic. Visma Business integration enabled Benum to

  • save time on administrative tasks with an advanced, user-friendly ERP;
  • track product data and stock status in real time;
  • manage complex systems of discounts and quote affordable prices for subcontractors.

Eventually, we have made a Benum online store more powerful in terms of functionality and much faster in terms of business processes — something every merchant dreams of! 

Implement Magento Visma Integration with Elogic

Magento integration services are our specialty at Elogic. We project a special competence in the field of Visma integration, as the success of our projects proves it, so be sure that all your ambitious plans will be fulfilled with us.

With the open-source system of Magento and the functionalities of Visma, your business will get a new lease of life. Let us know about your project, and we’ll come up with the integration solution for your online brand. 

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