Review of Language Packs Magento 2 Extension for International Sales

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December 25, 2020
Technology Reviews
Review of Language Packs Magento 2 Extension for International Sales

Language packs is an extension provided by Mageplaza for online stores. These packs automatically translate and adapt your webstore’s content to different locations so that you could sell internationally.

Why do you need Language Packs?

If you want to bring a pleasant buying experience for your clients from different countries it is a good idea to give them an opportunity to find out about your products or services in their native languages. For example, if you want to attract clients from Spain to your French brand, Spanish buyers might never even find it. With language packs, you can translate the information placed on your site into different languages, which will help more people find out about your shop.

Main features

  • Automatic translation. When you install a language pack, it will perform an automatic translation of each page a user enters.
  • Multiple language packs. You can install different language packs, depending on the scale of your business.

How does it look like?

Below you can find an example of how you can implement language packs on your website. This screenshot was taken from a site we’ve helped develop. It belongs to a Swiss online vape shop Dampfi that sells e-cigarettes, vapes, and accessories. You can find more about how we developed this website in our case study here.

When a visitor enters the home page, the language in which they see the page is displayed in the upper-right corner. When they click on the word “Deutsch,” “French” and “Italiano” buttons pop up – these are the languages the site supports. if the user clicks on one of them, they see the translated version.

Available for

Language packs are available for Magento 2

How much does it cost?

Language packs can be downloaded for free from the vendor’s website.

Where to buy

Click here to download language packs

What to do if Language Packs doesn’t work for you?

If you want to implement language packs for your online store and fits all your requirements, we can make a fully customized extension for you.  If you want to find out more about this service, please, check out our Magento custom extension development services.

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