Review of AJAX Shopping Cart Magento 2 Extension for Better UI

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December 16, 2020
Technology Reviews
Review of AJAX Shopping Cart Magento 2 Extension for Better UI

 AJAX Shopping Cart is an extension designed by Amasty. The main goal of this extension is to ease the shopping process by adding the desired item to the shopping cart without reloading the page.

Why do you need AJAX Shopping Cart?

AJAX Shopping Cart is designed to bring simplicity to your online store while making an overall customer experience better. Using this extension your store visitors can preview and add new items to the shopping cart straight from the category page. This means that customers can continue browsing the store without the need to switch between multiple product pages. 

Main features

  • AJAX cart pop-up. This feature displays a customer’s shopping cart each time they put something into it to immediately proceed to checkout.
  • AJAX confirmation window. With this particular feature, you can add confirmation for each position in your store to reduce the number of misclicks your customers can make.
  • Related items. You can provide related items for each product when customers add goods to their shopping carts.

What does it look like?

Here you can find a demonstration of how you can implement an Ajax Shopping Cart extension for your store.

Instead of clicking the link and being transferred to a new page, shoppers can add each item to the cart without leaving a category page. They can also choose their size and available colors for each position.

Available for

  • Magento Open Source v.2.0,2.1,2.2, 2.3. 
  • Magento Commerce v. 2.1,2.2, 2.3

How much does it cost?

Pricing for the extension starts at $219 to be paid once and comes with 3 months of included support. You can extend your Service Agreement to 6 months for $79, while a 12-month Service Agreement prolongation costs $99. You can request an Installation Service for $59, or let your Magento development team install the extension.

Where to buy

Click to buy the extension

What to do if AJAX Shopping Cart doesn’t work for you?

If Ajax Shopping Cart doesn’t fully satisfy your needs, we can design a custom extension for your website with additional features you require. For the details, please, look at our Magento custom extension development services.

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