Review of Mega Menu Magento 2 Extension for Better Website Navigation

Magento extension reviews
3mid read December 10, 2020
Magento extension reviews
Review of Mega Menu Magento 2 Extension for Better Website Navigation

Mega Menu is an extension for Magento 2 developed by Land of Coder. With its help, you can bring better navigation to your website. This will allow more shoppers to make purchases at your store easily.

Why do you need Mega Menu?

When you own an online shop, you want to deliver the best customer experience to your client base. Using Mega Menu you can customize your website the way you want to, and create easy navigation for your shoppers so they can reach any page from the main page in one click. You can also design a menu on your own because you don’t have to edit a CSS file when working with this extension.

Main features

  • Create as many menus for your website as you want
  • Diverse customization options with 786 icons to choose from
  • Support of Multiple Animations Effects
  • REST API Support
  • Import and Export Demo in one click
  • Import Store Categories to quickly import new categories to the menu

How does it work?

Below you can find one of the ways to use the extension on your website. This is a screenshot of an online store we helped to develop. The store belongs to Millenium, a supplier of luxury watches and jewelry based in Austria.  You can find more about how we developed this website in our case study here.

When users enter the main page, they can see category names like “Brands”, “Watches” “Accessories”, etc. at the top center of the page. A click on any of these categories triggers the appearance of a specified menu. In the example above, by clicking on “Watches”, we can quickly classify our search and click on “Limited Editions”, “Men’s Watches”, “Ladies Watches”, and so on. This will transfer us to a new page.

Available for

The extension is compatible with Magento Commerce v.2.1, 2.2,2.3, 2.4

How much does it cost?

There are four licenses for Mega Menu extension: 

  1. Single license, for the price of $299
  2. Standard license, for the price of $548
  3. Premium license, for the price of $998
  4. Agency license, for the price of $2,298

It is worth noting that to run A/B testing for the menu you need two websites, where the menu will be displayed (test version and public version). Therefore, you require a standard license to do it. 

Where to buy

Click to buy the extension

What to do if Mega Menu doesn’t work for you?

If you want your website to have a dynamic menu, but the Mega Menu extension doesn’t fit you, we can make a fully customized extension for you. For details, please,  consider checking our Magento custom extension development services.

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