• Sector: Consumer electronics
  • Location: Switzerland
Developing New Custom Functionality For Easy And Effective Store Operation
Dampfi.ch was growing fast and there appeared to be a need for a superior retail operations management system

Dampfi.ch is a Swiss online vape shop. The story behind this business is quite interesting. When the owner of Dampfi wanted to give up smoking, he decided to switch from cigarettes to vapes. However, there were very few shops where he could buy vapes. It was an excellent business opportunity, so he decided to launch an online vape shop.

At first, their online store functioned effectively. But when they started growing, their business operations became inefficient. Their team couldn’t handle the number of orders they were receiving and would miss delivery dates, mess up inventory management, and struggle to control the chaos in their workflow.

Moreover, the company required a more scalable solution to offer their customers a large selection of products in different locations.
To improve operational efficiency, speed up the website performance, and provide the best shopping experience Dampfi decided to find a tech support vendor. Eventually, they decided to build new custom functionality as well as migrate from their current Magento to Magento 2.

Der E-Zigaretten Shop Dampfi.ch: Heute bestellen, morgen erhalten.
Technology is a solution for improving the efficiency of store operations.
  • Inventory management

    Dampfi’s business was growing fast and required a more advanced solution to manage inventory. They needed a new inventory management system that would enable them to operate stock in multiple locations.

  • Resource management and sales planning

    Dampfi.ch used ineffective methods for resource management and sales planning. They needed to integrate an ERP (enterprise resource management) system that would allow Dampfi to smoothly manage and distribute goods, plan sales, handle orders, manage finances, and more.

  • Custom-oriented approach

    Dumpfi.ch also needed to increase customer loyalty and LTV (lifetime value) and make the user experience on their website as engaging as possible.

  • Dampfi.ch learned about us from our clients for whom we implemented migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Since we also provide Magento extensions development and Magento support/maintenance, we decided to cooperate.

    Our initial cooperation was one of the main reasons why they decided to continue working with us and hire our company for the support and maintenance of their online store. Our collaboration resulted in a solid long-term partnership.
Custom functionality.
Effective shipping and payment.
Magento 2 migration.

We customized the existing multi-source inventory software and an integrated ERP system. Furthermore, we developed some marketing functionalities. Our range of tasks included:

Perform code refactoring
– Integrate third-party extensions with Magento 2
– Develop a custom functionality with Magento 2
– Perform data migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2
– Optimize the website for mobile devices

Custom functionality
Effective shipping and payment
Magento 2 migration
Third-party integrations
01 Connect POS (Point of sale)

This extension allows Dampfi to manage all their stores in one place and control numerous warehouses without concern about selling sold-out products. The information about all products and orders can be accessed quickly from all distribution points. Moreover, this module provides informative reports for product control, consumer insights, sales performance, and tracking.

02 Layered Navigation

Layered navigation enables visitors to search for items using filters by category, price range, or any other available attribute. Furthermore, the list can be filtered by choosing a particular color, brand, price or pattern. Layered navigation makes a customer’s shopping experience easier and more efficient. It’s a must-have module for all online stores.

03 Helpdesk (Mirasvit)

The helpdesk helps to collect and process all inquiries, emails, and chat messages in one place. Each message is appointed to the specific department and a certain agent so no customer inquiry gets lost.

04 Magic 360

This extension enables us to display the products in a 360-degree spin. It gives the possibility to spin the items left and right from every angle possible. Magic 360 helps to create a memorable experience and avoid negative reviews.

05 Product reviews (Amasty)

Product reviews are displayed on a product page. This feature allows customers to check the reviews and leave their own. Reviews provided by customers improve store trustworthiness and work for SEO.

Custom functionality
Customization of the multi-source inventory solution

The Magento Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) extension is an advanced solution to improve inventory management. We customized this existing inventory module, which allowed the company to implement complex omnichannel strategies and ensure smooth stock monitoring and order handling across multiple sources and websites. It allowed our client to operate inventory across multiple channels. What’s more, we implemented an estimation of inventory balance at warehouses (analysis of sales history and products demand) that increased productivity.


- Reward points system. The more actions the user takes, the more rewards they get. Later on, rewards transform into coupons, discounts, or special offers.
- Gift cards. Customers can order virtual and physical gift cards. Moreover, customers can combine cards into pools based on specific features.
- A store pick-up module. This module allows customers to order the product online and pick it up from the preferred physical store at the scheduled date and time. Only those who ordered on the website could purchase that product.

Pick-to-light system

Pick-to-light is a type of order handling system we developed to streamline Dampfi's warehouse picking operations. This system applies alphanumeric displays and buttons at the warehouse to guide the employees to the right storage area and point out the number of products to be picked. Pick-to-light system helps the company to avoid errors in the assembly process, which improves productivity and reduces costs.

Implementation of ERP system

During the migration from Magento to Magento 2 we integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. With an embedded ERP module, Dampfi’s logistic became fully automated allowing their warehouse team to get an overall list of products and a list of orders for every customer, avoiding mistakes and reducing the time cost.

Credit decision

Due to special Swiss payment methods such as open invoice (an invoice that's been billed but not yet paid) we created a Credit decision module from scratch and integrated it with Intrum Credit using API. This module checks a customer's reliability, the number of existing credits, and debts at the Intrum database. A request is sent to Intrum and the system sends the information about the solvency of the customer. The system helps online retailers to make the decision whether to allow a customer to use the open invoice payment method.

In-payment Slip with Reference Number (ISR)

Like any other country, Switzerland has special legal banking requirements. An In-payment Slip with Reference Number (ISR) is one of the main payment methods available only in Switzerland. This method of payment enables debtors to make payments at post offices to a postal account or to a bank account at the bank. We integrated this payment method for Damfi.ch on the Magento 2 platform. We also installed a Dunning module, a reminder for those who chose the ISR payment method and did not pay the bill in time.

Find a cheaper price

"Find a cheaper price" extension gives Dampfi’s customer a possibility to inform about a lower price on the same items in other web-stores and ask for a discount. This extension adds a "Found a lower price? Tell Us!" button on your website to encourage customers to report a cheaper price straight away. "Find a cheaper price" helps to improve the shopping experience and sell more products by allowing customers to offer the best price.

Custom Functionality
7 modules developed.
Our fruitful cooperation resulted in a solid long-term partnership

It took us five months to develop custom functionalities from scratch and perform data migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Our development team included two backend developers. A project manager and a quality assurance specialist were on Dampfi’s side.

of work
Code refactoring
Inventory module
API integration
Magento 1 to
Magento 2
data migration
Website mobile
Efficient Store Operations.

An optimized operations management system ensured an effective workflow, helping to speed up the company’s logistics and sales processes, and therefore increased the shop revenue significantly.

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