What is Buyer Persona?


Buyer Persona

A buyer persona is a detailed profile of your company’s customer who represents your target audience. It is a kind of “fictional” character that personifies the collective image of the “ideal buyer.”

Why do we need a portrait of a buyer? First, to know exactly who we are selling to now and who we need to sell to in the future. And also based on our buyer persona research, we will be able to make effective advertising campaigns and write effective content. 

What characteristics do buyer personas include?

To create a buyer persona for your business you should collect different types of information:

  • Demographic information (male/female, age, marital status, annual household income). This info is the easiest to obtain and really helps to start personalizing your buyer persona. 
  • Work experience. It will help you target our messaging specifically to that person’s pain points and specifically to what their needs are.
  • How the day in their life looks like (what they do at work, how much time they spend in their car, what TV show they watch at night, etc). You need to know what they like, some nuances in their day that affect their buying decisions. 
  • Finding the paint point. By understanding it you are able to target your message more specifically to help buyers ‘heal’ their pain. 
  • Goals and values – you want to target your messaging to attract buyers to things that are going to help them to reach their goals.
  • Where customers go to find information (family, online search, social media) to address their pain points helps you to know exactly where to market your business. 
  • Expectations while searching to buy products. You need to make sure that your buying process is aligned with what customers are expecting to have (personal phone call, questionnaire, etc). 
  • Some questions that they might be asking about your product. You can use these questions in creating blog articles.

Don’t forget to put a photo next to a buyer’s personal description and give him/her a name. By knowing exactly who you are trying to target helps you to customize your messaging to appeal to your persona. 

Build a Buyer Identity profile based on data gathered from direct conversations with buyers. You can get clear and sometimes unexpected insights from customers about how they actually make purchasing decisions. Tools to use in Buyer Persona research

Websites that can help you to analyze your clients and create a buyer persona: Google Analytics, MailChimp, Wavelength, Facebook Audience Insights,  SimilarWeb, etc.

Example of buyer persona

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