What is Lead?



Lead is a person who has taken an interest in what you do – your company, product, or service. If users react in any way to your marketing communication, they become potential customers, whose data can be used for subsequent management work.

All leads are divided into cold and hot. Cold leads are users who, for example, visited your landing pages, downloaded content from your site, filled out a questionnaire on your site, or subscribed to your newsletter. Hot leads are those who purchased your product, put the goods in the cart, contacted the company via chat, registered on the site, left a request for a demo, etc.

What is lead management?

Lead management is aimed at collecting, processing and systematizing leads. Websites may have different features, so approaches to them must be selected competently, otherwise, high conversion will not be achieved. Lead management is the stage of interaction with the customer from the first direct contact to sales. 

Within the framework of lead management, the following areas of work can be identified: 

  • Lead generation/lead capturing – filling the lead database with the help of advertising and other marketing channels
  • Lead registration – the process of confirming the identity of the lead and verifying the correctness of the contact information left
  • Lead development – taking  a lead through the sales funnel 
  • Lead conversion – the final transition of a potential customer to the actual buyer.

The time from lead generation to lead conversion is called lead time. This is an important indicator that allows you to objectively assess the effectiveness of lead management. Also, the estimation of the time required to complete the transaction allows you to allocate the company’s operating finances properly.

Lead management is usually the responsibility of a sales head. This specialist should have the ability to correctly classify leads and transfer them to specific sales managers.

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