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Helping DiggEcard - A Gift card as a Service Platform - Expand Their Market Share with a Custom Extension for Magento Stores
DiggEcard is a GaaS (Gift card as a Service) company offering a white-label solution for B2B and B2C businesses.

In 2014, Arvid Torset, Kristian Stølen, and Olav Balandin started developing DiggEcard, the gift card processor of the future. DiggEcard is one of the first companies to move past the 90s era of traditional gift cards. Before them, only big companies and corporations could offer gift cards because of the costs involved. Now, thanks to DiggEcard, any store can afford to have gift cards available through a range of white-label gift card solutions for websites, apps, and ePOS/POS.

To date, there are over 150 gift cards available through the platform that can be personalized and delivered 24/7, whether it’s paper, plastic, or digital gift cards.

DiggEcard’s main goal is to surpass $100 million in sales within three years and scale up after reaching this milestone. To do this, they needed to expand their market share to include tailor-made extensions for ecommerce platforms like Magento.

DiggEcard wanted to reach new B2B and B2C channels with a Magento extension for processing, purchasing, and managing gift cards, and they sought an experienced ecommerce team for the task. We were happy to help them propel their business forward.

Developing a custom gift card module that can be implemented in any Magento store
  • Getting rid of the iframe

    Before coming to us, DiggEcard offered their gift card solution only through an iframe. An iframe, or inline frame, is a site element embedded within another site. For example, an embedded video, image, ad, or other content. It’s a quick and easy way to offer services without having to build a “deep” integration. But it comes with caveats. Iframes may not be visible on all devices, they cause serious security issues, and they’re a nightmare for frontend developers. Iframes also cause usability issues — they confuse site visitors, look out of place, and can be unstable.

  • Personalized gifts for ecommerce brands

    By building a custom Magento module, we were able to help DiggEcard give any Magento merchant the ability to offer customers personalized gift cards for their online store. With our solution, the merchant’s brand image and brand voice are consistent from cart to checkout. On the development side, the DiggEcard Magento module is cheaper to implement than an iframe.

  • Faster integration and better performance

    The DiggEcard iframe had limited functionality, was slow to load, and like any iframe, came with security risks. Unlike iframes, a Magento extension allows merchants to easily add DiggEcard to their stores with no hassle or security concerns.

  • DiggEcard wanted to scale their business and we were able to help them leverage Magento to reach their business goals.

    Our companies worked well together over the course of this project and may work together in the future.
Custom Magento module.
Gift card processing.
Secure information exchange with DiggEcard.

DiggEcard required a deeper integration with Magento to serve their clients better. They proposed a solution and our Magento experts made their idea come to life. Our milestones were the following:

– Connect DiggEcard with Magento
– Add the chosen gift card to the Magento cart
– Check the validity and balance of the gift card
– Allow the gift card to be used at checkout by the customer

Since DiggEcard already had a working backend solution for choosing, personalizing, and using gift cards, we were tasked with connecting this solution with Magento. The company provided us with their API, which made development much easier. The Magento module we built can check the status of gift cards, apply discounts at checkout, and allow gift cards to be purchased through existing payment methods offered by the Magento store.

Custom Magento module
Gift card processing
Secure information exchange with DiggEcard
DiggEcard is now able to offer Magento merchants an all-in-one gift card extension

This project took about a month to complete. The client knew what they wanted and it was our job to make their vision a reality. Our four-person team consisted of a back-end developer, front-end developer, QA engineer, and a project manager.

of work
Custom Magento
module for
gift card processing
Extensive testing
in various browsers
and on
mobile devices
A ready-to-use Magento extension

We were able to deliver a working Magento extension that can handle gift card processing (purchasing, checking card balance and validity, etc.) with DiggEcard’s intuitive user interface. With this extension in their arsenal, DiggEcard can expand its market share to include Magento merchants of all shapes and sizes. The new extension is seamless and does not interfere with the checkout process customers are accustomed to.

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