Magento 2 migration

5 months of work

Apparel & Fashion


Helping Joie, a fashion brand, to upgrade to Magento 2 Commerce Edition

What we did
Product import

We implemented the plugin that was aimed to automatically update the in-stock products to the system. The customer's accounting system exported the data about the remaining products to a database file and sent the data to a specific folder on the server. We also developed the automated export of orders to a third-party system. We generated a file on product orders per day in a certain format and uploaded it through FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to a third-party server.

Looks you will love (4-Tell platform)

We integrated the 4-Tell solution to Joie’s store. 4-Tell is a full-stack omnichannel personalization solution, powered by the ML (machine learning) engine. 4-Tell’s algorithm collects customer unique preferences and product insights through their browsing history to build predictive personalized recommendations when customers visit your store. With 4-Tell’s Smart Platform, Joie could arrange the insights provided by the platform into product catalogs and analytics so members of their marketing and merchandising teams were able to provide personalized omnichannel experience for every customer.

Google Tag Manager integration

Google Tag Manager (GTM) makes the process of adding, and editing third-party JavaScript tags and other snippets of code on your Magento site much easier. GTM helps marketing managers to easily manage marketing campaigns, minimize errors when updating tags, and deploy new tags in a fast way. With Google Tag Manager, you can directly transfer data to Google Analytics to see an accurate picture of how well your store is performing and personalize or make changes to search engine marketing strategies.

Instagram integration for Magento 2

We connected the Joie store with the Instagram page to reach more customers on one of the most popular social media. By displaying more appealing photos from Instagram, customers are more willing to buy products on the Joie store, which directly boosts your sales. We created and set a slider demonstrating Instagram photos on their site. Photos can be zoomed and show links to Instagram pages, date posted, and likes.

Third-party integrations
  • Store Locator for Magento 2 (Amasty)
  • Search Autocomplete for Magento 2 (Mageworx)
  • Magento payments plugin (Adyen)
  • Out of Stock Notification (Amasty)
  • Magento 2 Image Lazy Load (Magefan)
  • The background story

    Joie was founded in 2001 and since that time has become one of the most well-known contemporary lifestyle brands. Joie is a woman’s clothing brand for contemporary women. Joie represents carefree beauty, versatility, and freshness. Their clothes are chic and classic, but with modern touches.
    Joie ran their ecommerce store on Magento 1 Commerce Edition. To expand their business in an effective way, its founders decided to migrate to Magento 2. They wanted to get improved performance, better SEO, faster checkout, powerful security, and advanced marketing tools that were only possible by upgrading to the Magento 2 version.

    Key technologies
    Magento 2 migration.
    Custom design.
    New functionality.

    To migrate Joie to the Magento 2 platform we needed to import all the data for each product and all information about customers. Moreover, we integrated some custom marketing functionalities.
    Our range of tasks involved:

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