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Revamping DIGI's Online Electronics Store with Hyvä for Magento 2

In a digital age where speed and aesthetics dictate ecommerce success, Elogic partnered with DIGI, an online electronics retailer, to develop a high-performance Magento 2 ecommerce project using the Hyvä theme. Our goal was to exceed modern ecommerce benchmarks in speed, scalability, and user experience.

Consumer electronics
Digi site

Client Story and the Challenge

DIGI, a forward-thinking online electronics retailer, embarked on an initiative to revolutionize its ecommerce platform. Catering to innovators and early adopters who demand the latest digital gadgets, DIGI sought to elevate the standard for online shopping. The goal was to develop a digital storefront that was highly responsive and could adapt effortlessly to varying customer needs and market growth. In a digital landscape where visibility is synonymous with success, DIGI aimed to achieve prominent placement in search engine results, enhancing its market presence and attracting more customers.

The challenge was to create an ecommerce solution that could handle increasing traffic volumes while providing a smooth and easy shopping experience for users. This task demanded a blend of appealing design, technical excellence, and fast page loading times. Leveraging Elogic’s expertise, the project focused on transforming these challenges into opportunities, aiming to deliver a high-performance online store that would redefine industry standards for ecommerce success. This vision included ensuring that the platform was not only capable of meeting current digital consumer expectations but also anticipating and surpassing the desires of those always on the lookout for the newest technology.

Hyvä Theme for Magento 2: Elevating Ecommerce with Speed and Scalability
Hyiva for Digi

Client’s Challenges and Our Solutions

DIGI required a website that not only functions seamlessly but also captivates visually. By leveraging Hyvä theme’s flexibility we introduced a vibrant color scheme and clear, readable text, enhancing the overall attractiveness and user engagement on the site.
SEO and Performance Optimization
Understanding the importance of SEO and page speed for online visibility, our team utilized Hyvä's lean architecture to significantly boost the site’s PageSpeed scores from 50-55 to 89. This optimization was crucial for improving DIGI’s search engine ranking and user experience.
Scalability and
To accommodate DIGI’s growth and the addition of new products and features, our approach included custom compatibility modules for Mailchimp, LiveChat and third-party integrations with Amazon Pay, and Wisepops. This ensured the website could scale without sacrificing performance or user experience.

The Outcomes

The update of DIGI's online store led to significant improvements, notably enhancing ecommerce efficiency and customer satisfaction. By adopting the Hyvä theme for Magento 2, we saw an impressive increase in PageSpeed scores to 89, which has improved DIGI’s online visibility and attracted more organic traffic. This technical improvement contributed to a 109% increase in revenue, demonstrating the value of a better user experience and a smoother customer journey. Additionally, achieving all green Core Web Vitals for both desktop and mobile highlights our commitment to providing a consistently high-quality user experience across all devices, a critical factor for maintaining high search engine rankings and customer satisfaction.
The website now effectively manages high traffic volumes, maintaining stability during peak sales periods like the Christmas season. Moreover, the enhanced integration between DIGI's ERP system and Adobe Commerce has streamlined backend operations, optimizing the flow of inventory and order management. These advancements in both the website's front and back ends have strengthened DIGI’s position in the online market, setting a new benchmark for online shopping experiences without relying on exaggerated expressions or metaphors.


What's Next?

Looking ahead, DIGI's trajectory in the ecommerce space is set for even higher milestones. Our partnership is poised to dive deeper into enhancing the site's aesthetics and user interface, with a keen focus on optimizing for mobile devices. Additionally, we plan to expand the website's capabilities by incorporating AI-driven product recommendations, aiming to personalize the shopping experience and boost customer engagement further. This initiative will leverage cutting-edge technology to analyze customer behavior and preferences, delivering tailored product suggestions that enhance the buying journey. Alongside these advancements, continuous performance monitoring will remain a cornerstone of our strategy. This will ensure that DIGI not only maintains but strengthens its competitive edge in the rapidly evolving online electronics market. By embracing these future-focused initiatives, DIGI is set to redefine excellence in ecommerce, offering customers an unmatched shopping experience while driving sustainable growth and innovation in the digital retail landscape.


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