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Migrating a large multinational business and its subsidiaries to Adobe Commerce Cloud to make personalized merchandising easier for both shoppers and ecommerce teams

Apparel & Fashion

Managing growth, optimizing digital sales channels, and boosting time to market: The case study for an online merchandising apparel company

TDI Holdings LLC is a US-based privately owned organization that specializes in the manufacturing and decoration of specialty apparel. It operates a robust supply network and acts as a parent company for a number of digital retail brands:

MSP Design Group is a one-stop shop offering branded merchandise. Serving such retail giants as Coca Cola, Geico, and Navy Seal Foundation, MSP Design Group powers great brand experience via customized visual communications, signage, and logistics, among others. Custom promotional products and branding are their specialty.

Team Sports Planet is a multi-channel company that specializes in custom sports apparel and team uniforms. They proudly serve the needs of sports teams at all levels – from youth leagues to recreational organizations – and allow the teams to create unique designs and personalize uniforms with their logos, names, and numbers. the athletes, coaches, athletic directors, administrators and parents that make up this vital community.

Tactical Distributors is a premium online tactical gear store. Their unique selection of products is tailored towards military, law enforcement, and outdoor enthusiasts who look for high-quality, functional gear. Capitalizing on great customer experience and product knowledge, Tactical Distributors is making great strides in ecommerce.

And all these brands chose Elogic as their technology partner!

Having initially requested a few ecommerce consultations, the brand owners have turned it into a full-blown project with hundreds of custom integrations and features that transform customer experience (CX). All subsidiary businesses sought to roll out new on-demand websites faster each with their unique brand identity and boost the time to market for customizable products no matter the business model.

Scroll down to see how Elogic has helped the retail merchandising business stay on top of their ecommerce game.

3 brands, 1 vision: How Elogic solutions helped a merchandising business take control of their brand narrative

MSP Design Group
To differentiate and stand out in the industry, MSP Design Group has built a platform that allows clients to roll out an ecommerce store within weeks with a branded design, complete catalog, and full ecommerce back-office management. The real bottleneck was that each website ran on a different platform with no unified, consolidated back-office system, which resulted in negative user experience and operational inefficiency.

As a result of their partnership with Elogic, MSP Design Group can now manage all instances of their clients’ stores from a single Admin panel in Adobe Commerce. So far they have launched 15 websites for their customers and 3 more are coming in the next month. All of them come with their unique design, catalog structure, features, and setups (such as public or closed ones, zero-checkout, or online payment gateways). Client onboarding takes twice as fast, and ‌company account management is much easier.
Team Sports Planet
Being a multi-channel team sports company, Team Sports Planet serves customers all over the world offering high quality team sports products and services at competitive prices. After the first few ecommerce consultations, Elogic revealed the crux of the matter: an extremely complex UI/UX design hardly aligned with their user journey map and was unintuitive for new customers.

We have built a new custom design based on the buyer’s journey, migrated the store to Adobe Commerce Cloud, and integrated with a powerful NetSuite ERP with advanced analytics. It takes a few minutes for users to request a pop-up store, a temporary retail space used to introduce a new product line or test a new market. All store configurations are available online, and Team Sports Planet can customize products with the help of Zakeke integration.
Tactical Distributors
Staying at the forefront of tactical gear trends, Tactical Distributors equip their customers with the most innovative, forward thinking designs from direct-to-consumer brands that make people look good and feel comfortable. Initially, the store was running on Shopify; however, as it grew in terms of product offerings and customers globally, the tech stack was limiting the brand.

Elogic helped Tactical Distributors migrate to Adobe Commerce Cloud, design custom UI/UX in line with the buyer’s journey, and add 20+ custom features and integrations. Now, the brand can create advanced bundle products, offer subscriptions, bring in a countdown timer for drops, and manage returns more efficiently, among others. Integrations with NetSuite, Cybersource, and Klaviyo have made back-office system management more effective.

Third-party integrations

Zakeke is an official Elogic partner and a visual customization platform that empowers online brands to create personalized shopping experiences. All users of TDI Holdings divisions can customize any item across the stores and preview them in 2D or 3D. The system also allows creating print-ready files for the production, thus putting shoppers’ vision and imagination to practice.
NetSuite ERP
NetSuite ERP is an all-in-one cloud business management solution that opens new insights into business processes and analytics. Thanks to its seamless integration with Adobe Commerce Cloud and store ID mapping, the Client can manage multiple catalogs, customer groups, shipping methods, and more – all from a single Admin panel.
CyberSource is a modern payment platform that supports the Clients multichannel ecommerce strategy. Offering a variety of payment methods, the software also protects TDI Holdings from fraud and allows them to manage complex invoices and transactions even for B2B.
Avalara automates tax compliance as well as returns preparation and filing. Since TDI Holdings has many subsidiary companies operating in different states and countries with varying tax codes and jurisdictions, Avalara allows the brand to get an up-to-date picture of all taxes, set specific tax rules for one’s business needs, and create accurate reports.
An intelligent marketing automation system, Klaviyo helps the Client create hyper-targeted messages at scale. Email and SMS marketing, push notifications, and reviews – the software supports TDI Holdings in all their marketing efforts and helps their subsidiaries grow their customer base.

Custom functionality

Since the beginning of the project in January 2022, the Elogic team has built over 200 custom features and modules, including but not limited to:

Fully customizable checkout flow and data based on a website type
Website theme customization module
Custom return merchandise authorization (RMA) process integrated with NetSuite
Order limits custom module based on customer group and order history
Stock management on website level
Bulk image upload
Request team store application flow for creating pop-up websites
Product Designs collection module (locker)
Custom sales reports by website (weekly & monthly billings)
Customizable bundle products
PunchOut request to Coupa
Product Inventory availability table
Catalog promotions banner
Advanced filtering
Multiple coupons usage

Easier back-office management, more effective merchandising for your business

The retail merchandising case study of TDI Holdings proves that managing multiple stores shouldn’t be a headache.

Instead of running all websites on separate platforms and wasting precious time and resources on rolling out new features – again and again, – each division of TDI Holdings can launch new brands on demand faster.

They can see advanced reporting, draw insights from it, and act on it thanks to consolidated, unified data in a NetSuite ERP.

Customer onboarding time is cut to a minimum, and new features work for a brand to boost conversions, not vice versa.

TDI Holdings is committed to creating the bespoke customer experience shoppers are looking for. And Elogic is here to support them in every single endeavor.

Looking to reimagine your customer experience?

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