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Transforming Online Fashion Retail with Hyvä Theme

For Amelie, a brand celebrated for its minimalist and feminine clothing, Elogic Commerce orchestrated a transformative journey. Leveraging the latest Adobe Commerce updates and Hyvä technology, we redefined the shopping experience, ensuring elegance in both design and functionality

Apparel & Fashion

Client Story and the Challenge

In celebration of its sixth anniversary, Amelie, a distinguished women’s fashion brand, embarked on a transformative digital journey with Elogic Commerce.

Aimed at enhancing their online storefront, this collaboration focused on optimizing performance through the switch to the Hyvä theme, improving user experience, and ultimately driving sales in the competitive fashion industry.

Amelie has been the epitome of laconic and feminine clothing, with collections that boast relaxed silhouettes, elegant lengths, and captivating prints.

Despite their vast array (12,000 SKUs) of everyday apparel reflecting the brand’s core philosophy and values, Amelie’s digital experience lagged due to navigation issues, mobile responsiveness, and product page inefficiencies.

Further compounding these challenges was their underperformance in Google’s Core Web Vitals, affecting their search visibility and customer retention.

Leveraging Hyvä for Adobe Commerce: A Paradigm Shift in E-commerce Efficiency

Client’s Challenges and Our Solutions

Comprehensive Digital
Elogic Commerce initiated a full spectrum redesign, optimizing every aspect from page performance to user journey. This not only revitalized Amelie's brand aesthetic online but also significantly enhanced site speed and SEO positioning.
Core Web Vitals
By addressing Core Web Vitals through strategic optimizations and migration to the Hyvä theme, we propelled Amelie's site into Google's green zone, ensuring high visibility and improved user engagement.
Seamless Shopping
The integration of Hyvä Checkout and Stripe, complemented by Amazon Pay and custom modules, streamlined the checkout process, making shopping effortless and boosting conversion rates.

The transformation led to impressive results

The transformation of Amelie's website has been monumental. Page loading times saw a dramatic decrease: the homepage by 2.2x, SKU pages by 1.7x, and the cart page by 2.5x. This optimization contributed to a significant reduction in bounce rates—30% from mobile devices and 22% from desktops. With all Core Web Vitals now in the green zone (FID at 14 ms, LCP at 1.2 ms), the site not only performs exceptionally but also delivers a smoother user experience. Moreover, we fixed breadcrumb navigation and optimized product pages for mobile, further enhancing the user journey.


What's Next?

Our collaboration with Amelie doesn't end here. With the website's performance and user experience vastly improved, we're now focusing on further enhancements. Upcoming initiatives include a website redesign to refine visual appeal and usability, the introduction of a blog section to articulate the brand's story, and continuous optimization to keep pace with digital trends. Our ongoing support and maintenance commitment ensures that Amelie's digital presence remains as dynamic and elegant as its collections, with a roadmap filled with strategic marketing and design improvements aimed at sustaining growth and elevating the brand's online stature.


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