What is Assisted Conversions?


Assisted Conversions

Assisted conversions are Google’s measure of consumer interaction before converting on a website. Using Assisted conversions site owners and marketers can see the number of conversions provided through each channel (display ads, mobile ads, Rich Media ads, and click trackers), the value of each conversion, and the revenue of the sales. 

Google Analytics multi-channel funnel 

Through Google Analytics multi-channel funnel you can analyze the performance of each channel. Generally, there are three roles in a conversion path:

  • Last interaction, which is prior to the conversion. Last interaction, or last click, is an action performed by users before buying a certain product (i.e conversion).
  • Assisted interaction, which is any form of interaction with your website through the conversion path, excluding last and first clicks.
  • First interaction, which is an initial interaction of the customer’s conversion path. 

Multi-channel funnel reports on the value of each channel and activity along with the revenue from sales. Depending on the grouping and the number of converted customers, business owners can see which channel is the most effective for their business. 

Example of Google Analytics Multichannel Funnel report

Assisted conversions and indirect value

The assisted conversions tab in Google Analytics can show not only the efficiency of channels you choose for promoting your products but also lets you see the indirect value of each link users click on their conversion path. Let’s take two links as an example: a link to a store shopping cart and product page. Here the direct value (also known as last-click) is higher when the landing page is the cart page. However, the indirect value (or assisted conversion value), is higher if we look at the product page, hence we can tell that the product’s page as a landing has a more effective indirect value in the conversion. 

Importance of assisted conversions

Just like with offline business, ecommerce business owners have multiple ways to drive sales and conversions to their stores. For example, offline business advertising includes TV ads, billboards, and direct mail, which are types of assisted conversions for an offline environment. Ecommerce assisted conversions are social media, paid search, and email marketing as forms of conversions. Comparing the number of users converted from each channel and the amount of revenue generated, the most successful channels for ecommerce business growth can be singled out. 

If you want to find out more about how you can optimize your ecommerce conversion rate, check out our top 14 conversion tips.


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