What is Call-To-Action?



Call-to-action (or CTA) is a graphic element (usually a button) that motivates and encourages website visitors to take a specific action, for example: to buy, to download, to subscribe to a newsletter, etc. 

CTA buttons should be noticeable on the page so that visitors immediately draw their attention to them.

Don’t expect that installing an attention-grabbing button on your website will immediately produce results. Your conversion goals need to coincide with the interests of your buyer. If a potential client is not satisfied with the cost, quality or other characteristics of a product or service, no call-to-action will encourage them to buy it. 

The most popular CTA elements are buttons with an inscription that explains what will happen after pressing it. For example: “Register”, “Download”, “Get a discount” or the button “Buy” etc. Also, a call-to-action can redirect the visitor to another page, where they can get more detailed information, so the inscription “Learn more”, “Get information”, etc. would be appropriate in this case.

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