What is CMS – Content Management System?


CMS – Content Management System

Content management system, or CMS, is a computer program that is used to organize and support the process of joint creation, management and editing of site content (in slang – “system engine”). Basically, CMS is a program that helps you manage (create, edit and publish) a lot of content in one place without the knowledge of programming languages. A site management system contains ready-made templates, a set of functions for design and data filling. A CMS allows you to conveniently maintain your website – control access to content, change the data on the pages, create new pages and so on.

Examples of CMS

Magento, WordPress, Drupal, MODx, SiteEdit, TrinetCMS, HostCMS, and many others.

It is difficult to choose a CMS, and you need to clearly understand the purpose and functionality of your future site. For example, if you need an online store of women’s clothes, then it makes no sense for you to use WordPress.  Magento CMS with the abundance of built-in ecommerce functions will be a much better choice here. In addition to the built-in functionality, Magento CMS has many modules (or extensions) and various templates. 


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