Need to Build a Page on Magento? There’s a Solution – Bluefoot Cms and Pagebuilder

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March 5, 2018
Guides & Advice
Need to Build a Page on Magento? There’s a Solution – Bluefoot Cms and Pagebuilder

Being one of the most scalable and extensible CMS platforms Magento is still a bit complicated, when it comes to it’s pagebuilder features. Let’s imagine you need a seperate landing page for several products or there is a nice promo you came up with and you are in need of a page with special offers. Magento developers could help you out, but it would require from 20 up to 80 hours of development along with all the extra expenses you have to keep in mind. Once such page is ready, there’s another problem around the corner. If you need any fast changes — forget about that, it’s not that easy to make changes from the admin panel.

So is there a way to save your time and money and to fulfill your needs at the same time? We found an existing customer solution, that makes page building an easy process. The solution is called BlueFoot CMS and Pagebuilder. So what is it, how does it help the client and how can it be used to create custom designed page?

Let’s take a closer look. You might find BlueFoot a great solution if:

  • you are tired of using built-in WordPress in Magento;
  • every single migration results in half of the data lost;
  • you don’t want to pay for around 40 hours of developers’ work;
  • you have no technical expertise to manage your content on your own.

If you say “yes” to at least one of the statements — BlueFoot is for you. So far, BlueFoot CMS and Page Builder Module has been acquired by Magento and it is supposed to become a part of Magento core in Magento 2.3 Enterprize release, which is still expected. It was available for purchase as a separate extension, now it will be available as a part of both Community and Enterprize release. Working alongside merchants, retailers, agencies and developers Bluefoot is designed to meet all the needs of different e-commerce sections.

Why BlueFoot?

BlueFoot CMS was created to become a simple and powerful tool for Magento 2 users to manage their content online. It covers all the important areas from the product descriptions through to blogs and categories. Such options allow users without technical expertise to come up with awesome content relatively fast and efficiently.

BlueFoot is easy to start working with. It just needs to be integrated in Magento, and BlueFoot menu appears in the admin panel of Magento. You can enable it from the panel anytime you need it. It also does not require cumbersome settings to begin creating the page you need.

Being so easy-to-use Bluefoot will surprise you with the variety of the options it can offer. This Magento extension is capable of building simple landing pages, blogs and even fully-operating online stores. The pagebuilder does not limit you on the types of content used starting from text blocks and images and moving to videos, maps and contact forms — just all you need!

So what exactly can you do with BlueFoot?

First of all…

BlueFoot CMS and Pagebuilder

It’s one of the most user friendly pagebuilders for Magento 2. Drag and drop page builder allows to add content in one click, edit it on the spot as well as add headings, images, accordions and sliders.

 You can also…

BlueFoot CMS and Pagebuilder
BlueFoot CMS and Pagebuilder

arrange elements on the page and style them whatever your need is. In addition, you are free to resize and move around all the lists and columns the way you want them to look. BlueFoot CMS has a rich assortment of options offered for e-commerce. There are options of creating static blocks, adding products with descriptions, list of products and a search tool. There is also a newsletter option included, so you can make sure you stay in touch with your customers.

You have several pages to be done?

No problem to deal with that using BlueFoot. There’s already an existing library of templates you can choose from to come up with best solution for your business .

Need some extra?

This CMS pagebuilder is highly extensible and the code is unencrypted so it’s not a problem to add anything you need, to make your experience even more fantastic. Feel worried about your content being search engine friendly? There is No need to. BlueFoot includes everything to provide you with the best experience. You simply have to add title tags, alt tags, meta data and XML sitemap integration to ensure your content is easy to find.


BlueFoot CMS and Pagebuilder
BlueFoot CMS and Pagebuilder

third party elements are not an issue. BlueFoot lets you add YouTube and Vimeo videos, site maps and other types of content in one click. As simple as it can get.

In addition, 

There’s an upcoming migration? No worries, it is easy to migrate with BlueFoot!

With all the rich assortment of possibilities of BlueFoot there still are some disadvantages, you should be aware of. First of all, some special HTML markup attributes will be understood only by the Bluefoot enhanced Magento. Otherwise they won’t be available. The other difficulties may occur with design. BlueFoot is scalable and easy to-use CMS, however, it still requires some effort to integrate the design needed into it. It also requires backend intervention to set the correct work of all the page components.

Interesting fact

initially, BlueFoot was created as a separate extension, but its’ advantages were obvious and reasonable enough, so that Magento team bought BlueFoot and the whole team worked to come up with the best version of it for Magento 2. If BlueFoot is something that you just have been looking for – you can download it here.

If you need any help with an installation of BlueFoot or have any questions regarding BlueFoot and Magento – do not hesitate to ask us. Just let us know, so we could help you!

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