What is SEO?



SEO (abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization) is a set of measures and actions that increase the visibility of a site in search engines for targeted search queries. The higher the positions of the site in the search results is, the more users go to it. Thousands of pages can contain the answer to the user’s key request, but most likely only the first ten will be viewed. Therefore, getting into TOP-10 means being successful in promoting your business. 

If someone wants to find information on the Internet, and someone else wants to be in the results of this search, then SEO is about helping the content creator connect with the seeker.

SEO is based on the knowledge of algorithms for ranking resources in the search results and improving the website in order to bring it to the top of search results for the required key phrases. Basically, the two main ranking factors are content and links.

Search engine optimization of a site consists of external and internal factors. Internal factors include work on the site code and its content. For example, the site page titles and the uniqueness of the text.

External optimization refers to the number of links that lead to a given site. The more links lead to your website, the more trust and “respect” from the search engines it gets. Of course, we do not mean purchased or rented links, which are called “black” SEO. We are talking about natural and honestly earned links to your website.


What’s included in SEO activities?

  • Compilation of a semantic core (selection of keywords for promotion) 
  • Improvement of the internal structure of the website (CNC, Robots.txt, sitemap)
  • Elimination of technical errors (duplicated pages, broken links, slow site loading speed)
  • Continuous improvement of the usability of the resource 
  • Increasing the relevance of pages
  • Image optimization
  • Implementation of internal linking.


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