What is User Experience (UX)?


User Experience (UX)

User Experience (abbreviation as UX) is what the user feels and remembers as a result of using a program, application or website. UX is part of design that is created to be meaningful and intuitive for users. It adopts the users’ perspective and aims to answer the question “How would a first time user approach this product?” It encompasses design from the search icon down to the animations that occur when a user makes a click.

There are many components to UX that will inform the design to enhance the user experience. The user experience honeycomb developed by Peter Morville lays down the foundation for good UX. The honeycombs he developed identify how each facet is important to answer the user needs given the product’s technical limitations and capabilities while also driving business value. It helps to outline and build priorities: 

What does UX design include?

UX design includes different components: 

  • Information architecture
  • Interactive design
  • Usability (an indicator of simplicity, convenience, and efficiency of the product in the user’s eyes). 

What do UX designers do?

The UX designer should  be able to: 

  • Conduct research of users
  • Create wireframes and prototypes of sites and applications
  • Design interaction which helps to imagine how a person will use the product 
  •  Test the product
  • Be engaged in analytics. Using a variety of metrics such as Webvisor, Hotjar, Mixpanel, UXcam, or Appsee helps to understand how effectively the design works and refine the product based on real data.

Nowadays, the variety of websites require business owners to have a great user interface to be competitive. Also, users access websites in an increasing number of ways: on mobile devices, using different browsers and operating systems. Regardless of the devices and browsers, an application or a website needs to be user friendly and satisfy the user needs. That’s why UX is one of the most important areas to study.

There are some useful statements about UX that are worth remembering.

  • UX is a user-focused product design 
  • Bad UX makes the application difficult for the user to use
  • Visually appealing does not equate to good UX.


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