What is User Interface (UI)?


User Interface (UI)

User interface design or UI design is the visual embodiment of UX design. Its task is to make an application, website or other product intuitive, attractive and as easy to use as possible using certain graphical solutions.

The UI designers are responsible for how each individual screen or page will look like. They are responsible for graphic controls such as buttons and checkboxes, fonts, color schemes and various visuals.

What should the button look like to make it easy to click on? What font size should I choose to make the text readable? How do I format the error message so that it grabs attention, but is not annoying? UI-design of interfaces helps to find answers to these questions.

UI-designer uses different graphic editors: Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Fireworks, Adobe XD, Gravit Designer, Affinity Designer, Figma.

If we draw a very simple analogy from life, then UX-design is a layout of the apartment and communications, and UI is a choice of wallpaper and flooring. However, in practice, UX and UI design are closely interrelated, the second logically follows out of the first one, and often both are done by the same person. Therefore, the line between the two concepts is blurred. It is believed that a professional designer should be able to work in both disciplines: UX and UI.


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