What is Viral Сontent?


Viral Сontent

Viral content is a popular type of content that is shared by multiple users across different social networking platforms. Various types of content can become viral, from educational Youtube videos to funny images on Facebook.

Usually, viral content is an original idea that was thought up either by one person or a whole team. Also, viral content can be created in connection with certain events that are happening in the world. For example, when there is a major sporting event in the world, such as the Olympic Games, businesses design advertisements and content associated with this event. 

Best practices to create viral content

The peculiarity of viral content is that it cannot be created using some specific methods, and for the content to become viral, it is necessary to show creativity and understand what your target audience will be interested in. Here are some tips that can help with that:

  • Humor. Most of the viral content is aimed at entertaining people and this type of content is easier for an average viewer to watch. An example of such content can be Old Spice advertisements, in which the narrator explains the benefits of the product while being in a quirky situation.
  • Statistical data. To interest the viewer, you can offer statistical data or numbers to put stress on the quality of your product. For example, in toothpaste advertisements, you can often hear a phrase like “9 out of 10 dentists recommend using”.
  • Catchy phrase. Sometimes, the cause of viral content can be either a catchy image or a phrase spoken by the commercial’s character which consumers later associate with the product or service. “Twist, lick, dunk” commercial by Oreo is a good example of a catchy phrase that made the content viral, and now Oreo cookies can only be “dunked” in the milk.
  • Connection with a special event. This approach is the most competitive because if consumers associate a certain product with a holiday or a special event, it will ensure the company’s success. When talking about this approach, everyone can remember the commercial “Holidays are coming” by Coca-Cola, which is now an unofficial symbol of the upcoming Christmas.


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