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Building an online PWA B2C store with custom functionality for beauty products in Saudi Arabia


What we did

Ecommerce consulting

During a month of intensive consultations, it became evident that Kaneen needed more than just an online store. Elogic recognized the need to build a brand concept that would encapsulate Kaneen’s essence, communicate their core values, and engage their target audience. In only six weeks, our team worked closely with Kaneen co-founders to establish brand mission, value proposition, and sales guide, which set the foundation for the project requirements and PWA for ecommerce.

PWA development

The requirement of outstanding user experience lied at the heart of the project. After evaluating their options, a Progressive Web App (PWA) ecommerce solution came as a no-brainer. Fast loading times, offline access, push notifications, and an app-like user experience – all without the elevated development costs – were quite a bit of a promise. So that’s how Kaneen set out on a journey to transform their B2C website into a PWA for ecommerce.

Custom UI/UX design

Saudi customers have increasing expectations towards the brand, so the right web design and even order packaging can make or break customer experience. Kaneen felt that the default settings for catalogs, attributes, and product detail page (PDP) in their ecommerce PWA didn’t reflect their premium branded products, so the Elogic team customized them all in line with their requirements.


Now, Kaneen can change the rules when it comes to filters and navigation, thus, taking their merchandising strategy to the next level. The brand can help shoppers narrow down the results by setting promoted filters and burying low irrelevant ones, which positively influences business sales. PDPs were also enhanced with relevant product information, including key product benefits, ways to use it, and exclusive colors.

Catalog management

Updating product info can be a real pain in the neck, especially if you have over 5000 SKUs as in the case of Kaneen. Manual data entry can become not only tedious and costly but also risky as you’re always subject to human error leading to low seller ratings and customer dissatisfaction.


To make this job easier, the Elogic team installed a Mass Product Import & Update module, which simplifies product updates based on complex mappings, such as product category, price, attributes values, etc. Now, Kaneen can update product info much faster and offer special prices on certain categories without any hassles.

Custom modules development & installation
  • personal shopping assistance module
  • advanced address book 
  • unique checkout with integrated Google Maps
  • perfume finder
  • “How to wear it” module that drives up-sells 
  • “Added to Cart” pop-up with product recommendations
  • Notify me when back in stock module
  • Blog module
  • Shop by brand module
Third-party systems integration
  • Odoo ERP
  • PayFort
  • Tamara
  • Shiprocket 
  • Ameyo
  • Hotjar
  • Google Analytics 
  • Google Reviews 
  • WhatsApp
  • Mailchimp

The backstory

Kaneen, a Saudi Arabia-based online fragrance and beauty store, was born out of a deep passion for cherishing human inner beauty and celebrating individuality. Initially operating as a supplier of fragrances and beauty products, the brand saw the gap which prompted them to move to B2C. 


To be beautiful is to be different. To tell your unique story to the world. To wear a personality rather than a brand.


So Kaneen set out on a journey to redefine the beauty standards and emphasize its true value beyond superficial appearances. They sought to create an immersive online destination, a sanctuary where individuals could explore the transformative power of fragrances and beauty, and embark on a personal journey of self-discovery.


In their quest for a partner who shared their vision, Kaneen discovered Elogic. Impressed by Elogic’s stellar reputation and extensive portfolio showcased on Clutch, they saw an opportunity to collaborate and turn their vision into reality. Initially seeking to establish a simple B2C store for their perfume and beauty products, Kaneen’s aspirations expanded as Elogic expertise came into play.

self-care products

Key technologies

We helped Kaneen establish a strong brand identity and captivate beauty and fragrance enthusiasts with their immersive PWA B2C store

Our collaboration with Kaneen has been a remarkable journey in establishing a strong brand identity and captivating fragrance enthusiasts with a B2C store. 


In a world where consumers crave exclusive, premium branded products, we knew that Kaneen needed more than just a run-of-the-mill online store. The Elogic team took on the role of their consultants, helping them design a brand concept and carefully crafting the elements of a PWA-based customer experience.


Now, ‌Kaneen shoppers can explore the store as a virtual museum, discovering an array of scents that evoke emotions and create memories. The functionality of a perfume finder, personal shopping assistance, and advanced product recommendations, among others, enhanced the shopping experience helping ‌users find what they’re looking for. Easy layered navigation, enhanced PDPs with a How-to-Wear-It module, product recommendation pop-ups all increase customer conversions and drive up-sells business-wise.

Visit Kaneen arrow black

But the magic didn’t end there. Elogic seamlessly integrated the PWA ecommerce storefront with Odoo ERP streamlining Kaneen’s business processes. Google Maps were added to checkout, helping Saudi shoppers easily find the way for their product shipment. And an extended API for the Ameyo third-party systems enhanced customer care and reduced the strain on customer support shoulders. 


Even though Kaneen knows their customers inside out, the integrated marketing tools like Hotjar, Google Analytics, Google Reviews, and Mailchimp helped the brand further segment their customers, offer irresistible first-order discounts, and boost their brand image with effective social media marketing. These have also set the foundation for a personalization strategy, which Elogic still drives forward on the tech side.


We have witnessed how Kaneen has truly become a pioneer in the perfume industry. With the strategic branding, customized store features, and integration of technologies, Kaneen is captivating the hearts and minds of beauty enthusiasts in the KSA region. Our partnership is far from over, and we’ll keep supporting and innovating the store features helping Kaneen write a new chapter in the beauty industry.

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