Magento Store Development Services

As certified Magento developers able to help you build, transform, scale, and optimize your store. Make a step up!

Magento store development we provide

We combine cross-platform technical knowledge and expertise in processes optimization. Thus, we take off your shoulders the need to plan, execute, and manage your store creation day-by-day. We take care of it.

Store functionality development
We pay special attention to your exact requirements and strive to ensure the store we build meets your business model and processes. So, we not only help you take advantage of features Magento already has but build custom functionalities to empower your business now and ensure its growth in the future.
Custom extensions creation
Providing a broad range of extensions for all kinds of purposes, Magento is still not able to cover everything. To avoid the time-consuming process of composing a set of extensions to cover your need, we build custom ones instead. Such an approach allows you to reduce the efforts your team applies, and keep the processes smooth and clear.
Tailored design development
To stand out of the market, bring your brand individuality to the equation, and ensure user experience that meets the target audience specifics, we create tailored themes. We keep them simple and focus on optimizing user journey and improving conversions.
Consulting services
Having a solid background in both building Magento stores and helping to improve them, we provide comprehensive consulting services. They include store creation and launch, technology stack, processes optimization consultancy, and are focused on one thing — helping you grow your business.

Portfolio of stores we’ve helped to build and improve

Whatever industry our clients work in, we never hesitate to dive into its specifics and find the ways to fulfil their business exact requirements. From audio equipment to luxury goods, we are able to empower your business with a well-shaped Magento store that has tailored theme and custom-built features.

Switzerland , Glassware & Retail glass packaging
Watches of Mayfair
UK , Luxury Goods & Jewelry

Benefits of online store development with Magento

Magento provides functionalities every business may benefit from, and ensures high store scalability and security. Designing your shop with experienced Magento developers will help you align the needs and processes with opportunities Magento offers.

Broad customization
Enhanced scalability
Highest security standards
Easy support and maintenance
Wide choice of extensions

Our Magento online store development process

It’s crucial for the business and technical side to be on the same page and understand each other’s needs. Thus, we’ve designed our development process in 6 simple steps.


Scope and timeline preparations
We define how much time and resources your solution development will take based on the information you provide.
Create a prototype
We create prototypes of product pages, category pages, and homepage.
Theme development
We help you choose a theme that suits your business best and works well both on the website and mobile. Or, if there’s nothing suitable, we create it for you.
Integrate the extensions
We compose an extension set and, if there’s a need, build custom ones.
Assure the quality
With automated and manual testing combined, we strive to make sure the store has flawless performance.
Support and maintenance
We stay to implement improvements and optimize performance as your business grows and requires it.

Why choose our Magento store development company?

Time-proven expertise
We’ve been creating Magento stores for 10+ years, and no Magento peculiarity can stand in our way.
70+ businesses we helped
Building stores from scratch and improving the existing ones, we’ve obtained invaluable experience within several industries and markets.
Cooperation models that suit you
We are flexible — you can work with our experts both full-time or part-time, and make payments hourly or monthly.

Our clients rate our services

They only accept jobs that they know that they can do, and are good at managing expectations.

Wes Gleeson

Managing Director, Yellowblue

Their combination of technical expertise and communication skills were valuable. They are wizards in developing Magento platforms. Their skillset made the project successful for us.

Kyle Dason

VP of E-Commerce, Fashion Marketplace

The team’s general technical knowledge and Magento expertise distinguish them from other providers.

Elliot Thomas

Technical Lead, Instant ECARE

Frequently asked questions

If you have other questions which are not included in this list, please contact us. We’ll provide you with all the necessary information within one work day.

Can I connect any other systems and applications to my Magento store?

Yes, we are experienced in third-party services integration, and can empower your store in this way. Also, we can build custom integrations with systems from payment gateways to warehouse management tools.

How can I hire a Magento Store Developer?

Drop us a line and describe your needs in detail. We’ll review the information and come back shortly with CVs of developers that have suitable knowledge and seniority level.

Is Magento good for eCommerce?

Magento is considered one of the most popular platforms for ecommerce since it provides not only a broad range of features but allows easy implementation of improvements and keeps your data secure.

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