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Create a store on Magento using Elogic, a certified Magento store development company. We know how to set up a Magento store, create an engaging shopping experience, and optimize your website to support your growing needs.


Magento ecommerce development – use a reliable solution

Magento is one of the best platforms for feature-rich, scalable, and secure online stores for businesses of all sizes. It offers a lot of advanced functionality out of the box and provides ultimate flexibility allowing you to get every advantage of custom Magento development. Its functionalities include:

  • Catalog
  • Tools for Advertising
    and Marketing
  • One-page
  • Order
  • Complete website
...And more
Magento contains everything you need to create, run, and manage your ecommerce business.
Magento Elogic

Elogic is an experienced Magento store developer with a proven track record in Magento custom development

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Magento Cost: A Clear Overview of Magento Pricing from Open Source to Commerce

We provide Magento online store development for B2C & B2B businesses and marketplace owners

We set up, develop and support online stores using both Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce. What is your type of store?

Develop an online store for B2C retail

From a simple online store that sells locally to a multilanguage, multistore, multicurrency and multilabel ecommerce platform – we can help you build a great shopping destination for your customers. For new businesses, we can set up a Magento store in 3 weeks.

Build an ecommerce website in 3 weeks

Start B2B ecommerce business

Magento is the best B2B ecommerce platform that allows for meeting the needs of business consumers. We can help you set up and customize your B2B ecommerce website as well as create both B2C and B2B shopping experiences with Magento.

Develop a Magento B2B store

Build an online marketplace

Want to create a marketplace like eBay or Amazon? There are many marketplace extensions that integrate with Magento. We will help you select an extension that meets your marketplace needs and develop a high-performing platform fast and cost-effectively.

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Magento 2 Commerce vs Open Source vs Commerce Cloud: Which Edition Suits Your Ecommerce Business?
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Check out custom Magento stores we've built

We've worked with fashion retailers, consumer electronics vendors, furniture manufacturers and other entrepreneurs helping them build and support their Magento-powered shopping platforms. Our large experience working with different retailers adds to our unique competencies as ecommerce developers.

Case study | USA | Fashion

Helping an offline fashion brand go online by creating a fully-functional online store on Magento.

Case study | USA | Consumer electronics

Implementing migration from Magneto 1 to Magento 2 for a wholesale distributor of consumer electronics.

Our ecommerce website development process

Our expertise

We offer dedicated teams of certified developers to build ecommerce websites with Magento. Our process is pretty straight-forward: we analyze your requirements and give you a quote. If our estimation meets your budget, we start the development.

It usually takes us about a week to analyze your requirements and prepare a proposal. The total estimation includes front- and backend development, project management, knowledge transfer costs, and DevOps expenses.

Prototyping helps us visualize your requirements. We will implement schematic prototypes of the main pages of your store including the homepage, category page, product page, and checkout, and hand them over to your design team.

Most of the Magento 2 default layouts are flexible and conversion-optimized. We can help you install any theme you choose, as well as implement custom design solutions. Our services also include a progressive web app (PWA) development.

Magento has a large set of ready-made tools. We implement out of the box Magento plug-ins as well as develop custom modules. You will be able to change the look and feel for your landing pages from the admin panel.

We guarantee regular code reviews by our technical leader and cover all Magento customizations and modules with unit tests. We also use automated testing tools and manual quality control procedures to ensure bug-free software.

We recommend using AWS for supporting your ecommerce infrastructure. To ensure frictionless deployment we will use our own Magento 2 Docker containers. They deliver the lowest response times and provide the highest scalability.

why elogic

Why choose our Magento development services?

Elogic is a certified Magento Solutions Partner. We’ve been 10 years on the market helping businesses build and launch ecommerce websites. So far, we’ve built more than 70 websites, and know every detail of this process.

Certified agency

Elogic is a certified Magento Solutions Partner.

Magento Solution Partner
Magento Solution Partner
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