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Why Stripe?

Stripe is a comprehensive payment and credit card processing platform. Once installed, it is always there to ensure a safe and efficient transaction whenever a purchase is made online. A great thing about Stripe is that it combines the best of two worlds: payment processing and a gateway – integral parts of every successful online transaction. Make Stripe the basis of your global commerce to move money effortlessly!
Accepts online and credit card payments
Supports a wide range of popular payment options
Accessible to businesses of any size, from freelancers to enterprises.
Stripe provides a simple setup process, flat-rate fees, and 24/7 customer service

Supported Payment Options

Bank debits
Cash-based vouchers
Bank transfers redirects
Buy now, pay later
Real-time payments

How Elogic Handles Stripe Integration

Trust Elogic to get Stripe up and running in five simple steps

Step 1

Get rid of everything that comes after Initiation

We start off by gathering requirements to determine which payment types would fit your needs. Based on that, we lay the ground for further work and define extras to enhance your Stripe experience.

Step 2

Stripe Integration Setup

Our expert team will configure Stripe Payments or Stripe Connect for optimal performance.

Step 3

Logging and Monitoring

We set up logging and monitoring so you can keep track payment transactions and get notified about potential issues.

Step 4

Testing and Quality Assurance

Once the integration is complete, we thoroughly test it before going live.

Step 5

Maintenance & Improvement

The implementation process doesn’t end there: you need robust maintenance procedures to keep your Stripe integration operational.

Let’s talk

Whatever concept you have in mind, we have an idea or two on how to implement it within the existing budget and timframe as efficient as possible. Consider us your one-stop, platform-agnostic software partner.

Ready to chat?

Reach out to receive a free consultation and entrust your IT initiative to a company that will help you to manifest your vision and business approach into an evergrowing and adaptable business.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Stripe

    What Is Stripe?

    Stripe is like a digital cashier for businesses. It helps them safely take payments, such as credit cards, on their websites or apps. Stripe does all the complicated stuff behind the scenes so companies can stay focused on their work. People like Stripe because it’s easy to use, it has clear pricing, and it works with lots of different ways to pay. All kinds of businesses, from small startups to big ones, can use Stripe to make online shopping easier for their customers.

    Is Stripe safer than PayPal?

    Both Stripe and PayPal provide secure services that are PCI compliant, ensuring they adhere to the standards established by the Payment Card Industry.


    Does Stripe charge a fee?

    Stripe payment operates on a flat fee per transaction model. For instance, online sales typically incur a cost of 2.9% plus an additional 30 cents for each payment. Notably, Stripe does not impose any subscription fees or setup fees.



    Do I need a business bank account for Stripe?

    If you’re not established as a distinct business entity, you can utilize Stripe as an individual by choosing the Individual/Sole Proprietorship option.



    Do Stripe payments go straight to bank account?

    Stripe directly transfers funds to your bank account, and the availability of payouts may differ depending on your country and industry. Additionally, you can opt for Instant Payouts, which can be requested at any time and usually arrive within 30 minutes.


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