«8P: Business Online»: 4 Conferences in One at the Black Sea, 15th of July, Odessa

June 22, 2016
«8P: Business Online»: 4 Conferences in One at the Black Sea, 15th of July, Odessa

On July 15th the 5th 8P conference will take place in Odessa. Main focus of the conference is traffic arbitrage, SEO, PPC, e-commerce, SaaS and mobile apps promotion.

Participants are such top companies as Microsoft, SimilarWeb, Depositphotos, K50, Alytics, SimilarWeb, OWOX, Ostrovok, iProspect. There also will be participants from METRO Cash&Carry, Provectus, Ciklum, Tavria V, Zootovary, On Clinic and others.

The conference will be essential for founders and CEO of e-commerce. It also will be interesting for startups, SEO- and PPC-specialists. Here you can watch 40 seconds video and see how it was during former 8P conferences.

Best speakers from Ukraine, Poland, Israel, Russia and France are featured in the program:

  • Boaz Sasson (SimilarWeb),
  • Valentin Elyseev (Microsoft),
  • Pavel Levchuk (Depositphotos),
  • Petr Abroskin (Yandex),
  • Alexey Chekushin (Ostrovok),
  • Alexis Rylko (iProspect),
  • Alexander Egorov (Alytics),
  • Vyacheslav Volokha (Citrus.UA) and others.

There are going to be lectures in a brand new format. Services and agencies will present their lectures together with client’s representatives. Such format will  allow you to get the most detailed cases. In one day of the conference participants will see 40 presentations. There also will be a second part to it – 2 round tables.

Tickets and prices

At the moment you can purchase 8P tickets starting from 1600 UAH. Don’t forget to use a promo code eLogic for 10% discount.

Become a part of a unique conference! Spend your day in Odessa with the most progressive decision-makers. Learn from the best, enjoy good food — and in 40 ft from Black sea to boot!

Purchase a ticket

Organizer of the event — internet-marketing agency Netpeak.

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