5 Succesfull Entrepreneurs Who Made a Difference

September 7, 2015
5 Succesfull Entrepreneurs Who Made a Difference

Successful businessmen are quite common. Actually, the word “luck” is applicable to the business, but the vast majority of business people who have attained success reached the top only by themselves. Some through hard work, others – thanks to the great idea that worked almost by itself, but the most successful businessmen who have reached the top, did it just because they violated the rules (sometimes laws), and did everything wrong, but eventually – won. There are quite a lot of them, but I’ll write a post about the most well-known among them.

 Jack Welch

This legendary businessman turned a generic company General Electric Company into the giant leader in its field. Having worked in the company 20 years, in 1981, Welsh (the way he demanded that everyone called him by his name), became executive director. Since then 19 years passed, and in 2000, when he retired, the company General Electric Company did not worth $ 13 billion anymore, as it raised up to 500 billion – half a trillion. Jack mostly used a human factor for achieving success. He became the respected CEO for all of his employees, and created a system that is widely used by today’s leaders.

Steve Jobs

The history of the famous Apple Corporation begins on April 1, 1976. It was officially registered only in 1977.  The author of the majority of its technological innovations was Stephen Wozniak and Jobs appeared marketer. After Jobs was able to convince the inventor to modify the scheme of the new microcomputer, the company has set the first step to the top. It became world-known as the Apple I, and the Apple II – and it enabled the company to become a corporation that is now known worldwide.

Jobs became a multi-millionaire in 1980, when there was the first public sale of shares. But Steve did not stop there, continuing to not only work with Apple, but also opening up new areas of activity for him. So, in 1986, he bought the animation studio Pixar (The Graphics Group) from George Lucas for $ 5 million. Pixar studio currently generates tens of millions of dollars, all the merit of Jobs, who managed to gather fans of the business to achieve the best result.

Despite the fact that Jobs was criticized for parking, some strange behavior, greed in relation to its employees (Jobs flatly refused to pay engineers to more than 30 thousand a year), he remains the most talented executives for many, many dozens of CEOs and corporations.

Richard Branson

In 1972, when he was only 22 years old, Richard Branson opened his own recording studio, called Virgin. In fact, the studio was far from “virginity”, working with those artists who were denied by all the other studios. So, the first musician who agreed to cooperate with Branson, was Mike Oldfield. His album “Tubular Bells” sold millions of copies worldwide.

Following this success, Branson began a collaboration with Sex Pistols – who were refused by every record company. Who does not know the Sex Pistols today? This group is known by the fans, and the opponents of punk rock.

Using his charisma and undeniable talent of management, Branson has become famous as a shark of business, for whom nothing is impossible. Now Branson wealth is more than one billion. In addition, he is engaged in virtually all of businesses that generate profit from the music, to the air-transport.

Sam Walton

The founder of the brand Wal-Mart, Sam Walton have always said that the main rule in the business – to break all the rules. “I have always tried to break the rules by others, and singled out the people who violate my own rules,” – said the businessman. In 2002, Exxon Corporation was awarded the title of the largest corporations in the world.

Bill Gates

Despite the fact that Gates is a mixed feeling, no one will deny him for his talent and ability to work. Gates drops out form a course at Harvard to open his own small company called “Microsoft”, together with his friend and partner Paul Allen. Gates decided to go against the rules of open source software, and started to develop its own program, covering their code from prying eyes. Now the corporation Microsoft – one of the most powerful IT-companies, which had a significant impact on the world.

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