4 Automations to Kickstart Your Ecommerce Marketing

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November 11, 2020
Guides & Advice
4 Automations to Kickstart Your Ecommerce Marketing

Email marketing is a vital part of digital marketing strategies. Modern shoppers take an average of three times before they make a purchase. But with the increased availability of new and exciting brands, the path to purchase is becoming increasingly complex. 

As a result, ecommerce brands have to do more than basic email marketing if you want to convert them into customers. 

Personalization and segmentation are core email marketing tactics proven to drive engagement and boost sales. After all, we all like to feel special. And that’s what personalization and segmentation helps you achieve – a one-to-one interaction with your customer. 

But when you’re a busy marketer for a growing ecommerce business, it can be hard to find the time to build these kinds of emails, right? Wrong. All you need is a couple of essential automation programs to kickstart your ecommerce marketing

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation streamlines your digital marketing activities, helping you work more effectively and efficiently. 

Repetitive tasks like building emails can be made significantly easier with intelligent automation software. 

You can easily create automation programs for key stages in the customer journey. This will empower your marketing team to dedicate their time to growing your business, optimizing your marketing strategy, and driving sales.

Essential ecommerce automations 

  1. The welcome program

Welcome programs are essential for establishing strong relationships with your customers.  They are all-round top performers. Open rates for welcome emails sit around 46% on average with a click rate of nearly 10%. The industry standard for these is 19% for standard email marketing and a 4% click rate. 

It’s clear that this is the point where customers are at their most engaged with your brand. 

How to optimize your welcome program

So, what makes the perfect welcome program?

The ideal welcome program is a three-part series. It should include: 

  • A greeting and an action. Your first email should be simple – a thank you for subscribing and a clear CTA will do the trick. If you’re using incentives such as discounts for new subscribers, it’s important you make it clear and actionable at this stage. 
  • A preference center. Maximize your high engagement levels and really get to know your new customer. Beyond collecting name, location, and birthdays, you should also ask them about their interests, which of your products enticed them in, and more. This is vital to collect and will help you as you segment and personalize your emails. 
  • A strong introduction. The third email in your welcome series should introduce your brand to the reader. Think about your USPs and show subscribers why they should choose you over your competitors. If you offer a loyalty program, this is the perfect time to mention it and give customers a reward for converting. 
  1. Abandoned cart campaign

The reasons why shoppers abandoned carts are varied. Some are just browsing. Others are distracted, browsing on the go or during their lunch break. Whatever the cause, a timely triggered abandoned cart email automation is the perfect reminder you need to drive customers back to your site.

The average monthly revenue recovered by an abandoned cart campaign is $39,000. If you really want to improve your ROI, an abandoned cart email program is essential 

How to optimize your cart abandonment emails 

A lot of things can go wrong with abandoned cart emails. If you send too many, you risk annoying the shopper. If you wait too long, the reader may no longer be interested in your product. 

For a fully optimized abandoned cart campaign, you should consider the following elements. 

  • Timely. Your first email should land in the inbox anytime between 30 minutes and one hour after they abandon their shopping cart. 
  • Limited. You don’t want to pester your readers so make sure your program has an end date. If after three emails the reader hasn’t engaged, don’t send any more. 
  • Personalization. To really drive conversions be sure to personalize your abandoned cart emails. First name personalization always catches the eye, but don’t forget to include the items they’ve left in the cart too. 
  • Product recommendations. If your customer is just browsing, it might be because they have something particular in mind. Using AI-powered product recommendations you can showcase similar or related items to what they left in your cart. 
  1. Birthday campaign

Automated birthday programs are a great way to keep customers engaged with your brand. Offering exclusive discounts or free gifts when they place an order is great for driving conversions. It also has the added benefit of demonstrating how well you know the reader, helping them feel a stronger affinity with your brand. 

How to optimize your birthday campaign

Your birthday campaign is most likely going to be a single send campaign. As a result, it’s essential you ensure this automation program is fully optimized. 

A revenue generating birthday campaign will consider: 

  • Length of offer. How long do you want customers to have to redeem your offer? It can be for two weeks from the day of their birthday or the whole month. Test and try to find out what works best for your subscribers. 
  • Triggers. Who are you sending to? You can choose who to send your birthday emails to, from members of your loyalty program to lapsed customers who need an incentive to return. You can also add a six month trigger to your campaign marking half birthdays too. 
  • Personalization. As always, think about the ways you can personalize your emails. 
  1. Post-purchase program

While post-purchase programs don’t necessarily offer the same revenue results as the previous campaigns, they’re essential for the customer experience. The better the experience you provide for customers, the more likely they’re to return. And repeat customers spend 67% more than new ones, so giving them a reason to return is key.

How to optimize your post-purchase program 

93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases when brands provide exceptional customer service. So how do we do this in an email program?

  • Best next recommendations. Post-purchase emails are a great opportunity to highlight products that go with the recently purchase item. Using machine-learning, intelligent recommendation blocks surface products in your catalog that other customers have purchased with or after the one the reader has bought. 
  • Educational insights. As part of the post-purchase journey, think about information that will help customers get the most out of their new item. This could be care-tips for a garment or item or videos about how to assemble or use the purchase. 
  • Feedback. Never miss an opportunity to request reviews and feedback from your shoppers. Customers love to know that a brand cares about their opinion but it also gives you insight into what you can improve or optimize. 
  • Social sharing. Encouraging shoppers to share their experience or newly purchased items on social media is a great way to engage them on another channel. Social media is the go-to channel to express your brand’s identity so by interacting with customers you’re bringing them closer than ever before. And don’t forget the added benefit of word-of-mouth. By encouraging social sharing, you’re turning customers into spokespeople for your brand. 

Final thoughts

As a premium partner with Magento, these automations are just the beginning of what you can achieve with dotdigital. As your business grows you should be thinking about how to create the perfect omnichannel experience for your customers.  The more channels you use to engage customers, the more they’re likely to spend with your brand. 

Choosing the right technology and partners that can help you grow and scale-up by driving real results is essential.

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