Magento 2 Release Event Chernivtsi 2016

Event reports
February 29, 2016
Event reports
Magento 2 Release Event Chernivtsi 2016

I’ve always agreed that businesses should relate to society and put certain effort into making this world a better place. Luckily, there’s plenty of opportunities to contributing by committing to your professional community. It helps share experience, sustain motivating competition level. As well as educate, bring value and be a part of something truly significant. And it keeps you updated about the latest trends, changes and innovations. I’m proud to say that I’m now a part of this and is turned out to be one of most inspiring and exciting experiences in my life. A month ago, on December 20th we have held a national conference.  It was dedicated to new version of the biggest eCommerce platform – Magento 2 Release Event Chernivtsi in Ukraine.


The conference was devoted to recent release of Magento 2 – the most current version of world 1st popular eCommerce platform. A platform used by companies like 20th Century Fox, Harper’s and Nike.

We wanted to reach out to developers’ community as well as entrepreneurs that like to be trendy and love attending IT conferences. It was the first time we were doing something that big, so we agreed to concentrate on several key events. Those key event truly contributed to Ukrainian eCommerce development community. As a result we met people that joined us as speakers, contributors or volunteers.

We Shared

 The whole thing was devoted to Magento 2 release. We concentrated on developers’ pain and help overcome it with step-by-step strategy built on our experience. No wonder we included educational tech demonstrations with solutions. We also had a local eCommerce plant store featuring their own story of migrating to Magento. The experience of the impact it had on business growth and a networking event with data-driven forecast on future of eCommerce was shared.

What We Got

After everything was over, we end up with more than expected. We had a gut feeling we are doing something that could change one’s life for better. Magento 2 release was also educative and entertaining at the same time. This also included:

  • sharing comprehensive data about new platform features
  • firsthand report about emerging trends in eCommerce
  • studying strategies for business development & sales increasing
  • questions answered by expert-level community leaders
  • making new friends and acquaintances in eCommerce.

What’s Next?

To be frank, I knew how to answer this questions that very day. We will continue holding conference and activity meetings. We will also share latest industry hacks and trends, carry out development workshops. Another goal we want to accomplish is to attract B2B audience . Those are eCommerce and offline retailers/wholesalers, top executives at eCommerce and digital agencies, etc. In addition, we would like to engage startup community to join forces and accomplish more challenges.

Hope to see you next time!

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