Top Magento Contributor of April – Sergiy Mutaf!

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May 14, 2018
Event reports
Top Magento Contributor of April – Sergiy Mutaf!

One amazing feature of Magento, that we totally adore is it being an opensource solution. What does that mean? That everyone can be a contributor to Magento, thus making it better to use for other! That’s exactly what our Sergiy Mutaf and as a result and became a top contributor of the month! Booom, yeah!

Users contributions are the foundation of the Magento open source platform.

What are these contributions about?

Such contributions include different options:

  • source code patches
  • bug fixes
  • new functionality

Individual and partner developers across Magento community all over the world deliver such contributions. Magento uses GitHub for source code version control, this way GitHub Pull Requests are the best way to deliver fixes to the Magento source code. Thus, everyone, who wants to add some changes to Magento or fix issues, do a pull request. Afterward, the request appears, it gets approved or denied by Magento core team. As a result, some changes to Magento are added.

9/10 approved!

Mutaf Elogic

Our teammate Sergiy reported 9 issues, which you can find here. The result of his dedicated work is 10 commits! That is pretty incredible fact, which makes Sergiy on the list of top 5 Magento Contributors of April! Way to go, Sergiy! Way to go, Elogic!

By the way, he keeps being on the list of top contributors in May. Good job!

You can check the list with other contributors here.

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