What Does Experience in Scope of Magento Development Mean?

June 14, 2015
What Does Experience in Scope of Magento Development Mean?
Magento de-facto became a standart for an E-Commerce world (c) eLogic ECOMMERCE

In the last few years many Magento development companies and development teams appeared on the market, because of the rapid growth of the platform and it’s scalability and integration capabilities.

Many extensions and modules lowered the price of implementation and simplified the process of web shop creation based on Magento platform. That made it easier to enter for the new companies.

Today I would like to share my thoughts on: “What does experience and expertise in scope of Magento development means and what benefits, you as a costumer, can get from an experienced companies and teams“.


When we began developing web shops for Magento, we started from a zero point, where we had a vision based on our own experience in the world of ecommerce (at that point most of our developers, business analytics where an active users of the world leading ecommerce marketplaces and stores such as BestBuy, Amazon, eBay etc) and the functionality of Magento.

The first thing we’ve implemented in out costumer’s store – was live search which was fascinating in terms of performance. Our test showed that it loads products in 0.020 sec in the store with 50.000 SKU’s which was a pretty good performance as for the community edition of Magento.

In the next store we’ve developed, we felt a need in the category tree and a layered navigation. And we did it.

Then I felt that we need a breadcrumbs, which were implemented to. This kept happening with every other store.

From store to store I felt that we are adding more and more cool features and UX improvements for our customers and their web shops.

Another cool thing which came to us with getting more knowledge about Magento, was performance improvement. Our engineers can get the maximum performance out of the platform by tweaking Magento and server-side configuration.

When I realized that, we decided to create our own set of in-house developed features, extensions and improvements for Magento and now I am really proud that every new customer of ours, gets a product based on both: Our experience and his requirements.

Now imagine for a second: From the very beginning of working with us you are getting a Magento platform + improvements from the whole experience, gained by eLogic ECOMMERCE in past 6 years + yours customizations. Isn’t that great?

The main point of outlining these facts was to show that working with the companies which were present for a long time on Magento development market will give you much more benefits and as an outcome you will get a well-shaped product instead of getting the set of installed extensions and modules.

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