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8 July 2019

by Yuliana

7 Top ecommerce payment gateways and how to integrate them on Magento

We originally wrote this article in April 2018 but decided to update it now as the functionalities of payment gateways have changed considerably. You want your buyer’s journey on your ecommerce website to be as smooth as possible, and checkout is the most important part of this journey. What’s the key to a superior checkout […]

1 July 2019

by Yuriy

How to implement a Magento ERP solution for ecommerce without spending too much money [based on a case study]

Magento ERP development: How customizing an ERP system can automate ecommerce processes If you’ve had complaints from customers, there’s a good chance your inventory and order management systems aren’t working effectively. But there is a way to reduce operational costs and streamline your business while making it easier for your customers to get the products […]

13 June 2019

by Yuriy

7 Major pitfalls you may face with Magento migration

Which version of Magento are you running? If you’re still running version 1, you should know that Adobe (who bought Magento in May 2018) recently announced that support for Magento 1 will end in June 2020. Magento 2 is a completely new platform — pages load much faster, it simplifies store management, and it offers […]

13 June 2019

by Yuliana

How to achieve zero downtime deployment with Magento

The majority of customers expect websites to load in no more than two seconds and 40% of website users will leave the website if it takes more than three seconds to load. If a second or three make such a big difference, a store being unavailable for a long period of time will leave you […]

20 May 2019

by Yuliana

How much does Magento ecommerce website redesign cost?

Your customer’s first impression of your retail business depends on your website, so redesigning your existing website should be taken seriously as it’s an important marketing tool of your digital strategy. Having an outdated website can negatively affect your ecommerce business. Your website is the place where your potential customers get an idea of how […]

18 April 2019

by Yuliana

Magento Community vs Enterprise Edition Comparison 2019

Update! In this article, we’ll use the terms Enterprise Edition (Commerce) and Community Edition ( Open Source). We originally wrote this guide in May 2018, but decided to update it now as both platforms’ functionalities have changed considerably. Magento is one of the best options for creating an online store. It’s considered a leading ecommerce […]

11 April 2019

by Yuliana

Ecommerce development cost in 2019: set the right budget for your project

Having an ecommerce website that truly reflects your brand is one of the most crucial aspects of any successful retail business. As a company specializing in ecommerce, we’re often asked, “How much do you charge to build an ecommerce website?” or “What is the basic cost of ecommerce website?” Over the past 10 years, we’ve […]

14 February 2019

by Yuliana

Enterprise ecommerce platform comparison: how to select between Magento, Salesforce, Hybris, and Shopify

Managing an online business is now more challenging than ever. You need to exceed customer expectations and deliver a flawless experience if you want them to visit your site again and again. Whether you’re expanding your online store, looking for new solutions for improvements, or setting up a business from scratch, your choice of an […]

22 January 2019

by Yuliana

Mobile ecommerce design: a guide on how to optimize your website for mobile

Let’s all be honest here, in most cases when we need to find something instantly we whip out our cell phones for browsing the web. The web is something that we can carry around in our pockets. The global adoption of mobile as a platform for ecommerce is no longer something you can neglect. According […]