What is Bundling?



Bundling (also known as product bundling) is a marketing strategy when several products or services are grouped as a single unit and sold for a lower price. This strategy has a goal to motivate customers to buy more products. For example, McDonald’s offers to buy a menu instead of buying each position separately, so that customers interested in a full course meal can get it for cheaper.

Types of product bundles

In order to group products, there 7 possible bundling techniques:

    1. Pure bundles. This type of bundling includes products, which can be purchased only as a part of the bundle. For example, satellite television providers offer to purchase packages (i.e bundles) and not channels separately.
    2. Gift bundles. This type of bundling is mostly associated with a holiday and therefore can be seen in physical and online stores during holiday seasons. Still, you may find stores that sell bundles as a gift for a personal special event (anniversary, birthday, etc.).
    3. Cross-sell bundles. Cross-selling in this case means that customers are offered to make an additional purchase and save some money on it in comparison with buying it separately. This can be seen in ecommerce stores when the website offers you a number of options to create a bundle with the product you want to buy and get an additional discount.
    4. Mix-and-match bundles. Usually, you can see the implementation of this technique in brick and mortar stores, where retailers let their customers choose from a number of products to make a bundle. There are various options for retailers to make a bundle, from perishables to clothing bundles. This technique is very helpful for business owners because it doesn’t only help selling products in bulk but also lets customers feel the role of a decision-maker.
    5. New product bundles. New product bundling includes the company’s popular products along with recently launched ones. For instance, video game companies release bundles dedicated to the launch of video games containing a collector’s version of the console and its physical copy.
    6. Stock clearance bundles. These bundles are similar to new product bundles but the difference here is that stock clearance bundles are usually a mix of popular products with slow-moving and unpopular goods. 
    7. Buy one and get one bundles or BOGO. Bundles of this type refer to one-time purchases and can offer an additional item or a discount on your next purchase. This can also be provided not by wholesalers but also by deliveries and different businesses. For example, some pizzerias may offer a free pizza when you order during lunchtime.


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