What is Landing page?


Landing page

A landing page is a page that is created for gathering visitors’ contacts or selling goods. Typically, this is a one-page site, which briefly and concisely presents information about a service or product, which allows you to increase the effectiveness of advertising.

Visitors come to the landing page through contextual, banner and targeted advertising, or email. The main task of landing pages is to convert visitors into leads or buyers, by motivating them to perform targeted actions. These actions can be purchasing, subscription to newsletter, registration, downloading, and sending contact details.

Landing page efficiency is measured by conversion. The conversion is considered to be the execution of the target action – that is, filling out the contact form. To calculate the conversion, the number of users who filled out the form is divided by the number of users who visited the page. High conversion means the landing page is effective.

Five most popular services for creating landings: Tilda; WIX; TemplateMonster; LPgenerator; Readymag.


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