What is Middle-of-the-funnel?



Middle-of-the-funnel, or MoFu, refers to the content provided for prospects that passed the top stage of the sales funnel and are in the middle of their sales journey. Middle stage of the sales funnel is also called the “interest and engagement” stage because prospects are familiar with the company and what it’s offering and now want to find out more about it. This stage doesn’t necessarily mean that the company has acquired a new client, but now the client understands that the company can potentially help to solve his problems.

The strategy for the middle stage of the sales funnel is to nurture leads that have moved from the stage of awareness and to bring value to them so that they can move from the stage of interest to the bottom-of-the-funnel.

Ways to improve content for MoFu 

A middle-of-the-funnel stage aims to monitor the prospect’s behavior – what interests him, which pages he had visited, etc. Understanding of buyer’s interests allows creating content that will be more engaging and also make changes to the product itself and bring even more value to customers. Prospects at the middle stage of the sales funnel can also help determine a target audience and enhance the company’s buyer persona.

Here are some of the best practices on how the company can make its MoFu content better:

  • Educational content. Customers from the middle stage are not ready yet to purchase a product or service and want to find out whether it suits their needs or not. As for this matter, companies can provide small guidelines or “how-to” articles in regards to their products and services, which can not only encourage customers to purchase goods but also teach them something new.
  • Focus on pain points. Each product or service is made to solve problems or become painkillers for everyday tasks. That’s why companies need to put stress on the benefits of their product and mention how it has helped others. When customers see real-life feedback, they might relate to the problem a certain customer has had and therefore decide to become clients.
  • Personalized emails. Email marketing is another way to convert existing prospects into customers. When prospects receive generic emails that force them to buy something they probably wouldn’t pay much attention to it, but when they receive emails that contain something regarding their personal interests, they will feel that they are not a part of the bulk mailing and will be interested in continuing the dialogue.

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