What is On-Page Optimization?


On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization refers to practices of optimizing web pages to get a higher ranking in SERP or search engine results page. In comparison with an off-page optimization, which includes inbound links and different external signals, on-page optimization relates to the content the website provides and keywords.

An example of a good on-page optimization is Wikipedia, which includes unique and informative content, along with relevant title tags, clickable internal links, and a simple structure of the website.

Components of on-page optimization

To achieve higher rankings using on-page optimization there are several components that have to be taken into account. They include:

  • Technical optimization. Technical optimization covers several aspects that are required for better recognition by the search engine. This includes the web page’s loading time,  IP address, and efficient source code. 
  • Content. Content optimization doesn’t only relate to the website’s content but also covers meta information and tags. Earlier, the content was based mainly on keywords density, but with the development of search engine algorithms keywords density is only a part of the strategy. Content should include h- heading tags, bullet-point lists, graphical elements like videos and images, and meta titles, which are indirect factors that influence a Click-Through Rate, or CTR.
  • Internal links and structures. It’s important for websites to include internal links to similar topics, as well as having a well-planned structure. Internal linking is used to optimize the user’s navigation, whereas a page structure simplifies search bots to categorizing the web page’s content.
  • Page design. Last but not least is the design of a web page. To achieve a higher ranking and gain more exposure, websites should be mobile-friendly, have small-sized content to increase the speed of page loading, and encourage users to take further actions (also known as Call-to-Action).


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