What is Top-of-the-Funnel?



Top-of-the-funnel refers to the content that is aimed to build awareness for the company’s product, service, or brand, as well as to interest as many prospects as possible. People at the top stage of the sales funnel aren’t looking to buy products specifically from one company, but make price comparisons or browse the web using certain keywords.

When customers are at the top stage of the sales funnel, businesses need to provide useful information for their potential customers to invest more time into reading. Usually, a general user doesn’t do his own research and wants the company to present itself for him. That’s why top-of-the-funnel content, or ToFu, should be focused on two concepts, which are awareness and discovery.

Strategies for making ToFu content

Prospects at the top of the funnel don’t fully comprehend the difference between your company and the competitor, so the goal here is to explain to him this difference. There are many ways to create engaging content, for example:

  • Easy-to-read content. When customers are getting acquainted with the company, they won’t be interested in articles on complex topics and long explanations. So it’s better to provide a piece of general information containing interesting facts about the company and focus on the benefits clients can get in comparison with competitors. if you’re interested in how dynamic content can boost your website conversion rates, please, consider checking our article.
  • Infographics. Statistics and visual presentations combined make any sort of information easier to comprehend than a long-read. Therefore, when a company wants to present its products or services to a potential client, it is a good idea to use infographics.
  • No pressure. If a company’s content contains many call-to-actions, for example, to buy something, to subscribe to the newsletter, or to start a free trial, readers will think that they are seen as walking wallets and will lose interest in the company’s content. 
  • Plans for the future. When a customer becomes genuinely interested in the company’s products and wants to proceed forward it is very important to plan the strategy of how to convert him from an interested prospect into a customer.

Types of ToFu content

Types of content for the first stage of the sales funnel include:

  • Blogs. Blogging allows targeting a specific audience using appropriate keywords. Blog posts that align with the prospect’s goals or concerns, along with good SEO, can bring more customers to the business.
  • Videos. Another good practice to have customer’s attention are videos that contain useful information to raise awareness. Not only videos are more entertaining but can be combined with a piece of content that prospects can be interested in after watching the video.
  • Paid promos. Additionally, businesses can invest in advertisements on social media or paid search to bring more traffic thanks to assisted conversions.


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