We Offer Two Types of Cooperation for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs


Build an entire project with us, or extend your team with the needed talent


Build your ecommerce project with Elogic
Tell us about your project

This model is the best fit for new ecommerce entrepreneurs who want to build a store from scratch, and don’t have an engineering team on their side.

In this model, we take responsibility for delivering the entire project according to your business vision. At the beginning of our collaboration, we define the timeframe and budget and then manage the software development process so you get exactly what you want when you want.

  • 1 A store from scratch
  • 2 End-to-end solution development
  • 3 QA & softwate testing
  • 4 Project management


Get dedicated Magento specialists to extend your team
Contact us and hire

This model is the best fit for entrepreneurs who already run an ecommerce store and have the experience of managing software projects.

With our dedicated Magento specialists, you can build your project faster and cheaper. Our engineers have strong technical expertise in Magento, and we can assemble a team for you within a short period of time. You retain total team control and can scale your engineering capacity at any time.

  • 1 Team extenstion
  • 2 Certified Magento developers
  • 3 Strong expertise
  • 4 Total team control

Our work process



Your business vision is what shapes your future ecommerce product. To get a clear understanding of what exactly you need we'll run online interview sessions and in-person meetings.



To make sure our development process is successful and meets time and budget constraints we carefully plan each iteration, and clarify the details early on.



You will get the first results delivered in about two weeks. We run bi-weekly demos to show the functionality we implemented and get feedback from all the stakeholders.

Client review
Business Solution Partner Contributor Solution Partner

Elogic is Magento official partner


As a trusted ecommerce development company, we have a number of certifications as Magento experts.

We were a member of the Magento Community Insider program, and now Elogic is Magento Solution Partner. This makes us one of the best software development providers for bespoke ecommerce solutions in Ukraine.

Our certificates
Magento 2 x3 Magento 2 x3 Magento 2 x4
Magento 1 x1 Magento 1 x1 Magento 1 x1
Paul Okhrem
Paul Okhrem
Managing partner
Igor Iakovliev
Igor Iakovliev
Managing partner
Volodymyr Leshchyshyn
Volodymyr Leshchyshyn
Head of Development
Yulia Mantuliak
Yulia Mantuliak
Magento 2 front-end developer
Artur Ahratina
Artur Ahratina
Full stack developer
Vadym Shevchuk
Vadym Shevchuk
QA engineer
Serhii Ziukov
Serhii Ziukov
Magento 2 back-end developer
Yana Lupuliak
Yana Lupuliak
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