Elogic Commerce Becomes Prestigious Hyvä Supplier

Company news & Announcements
2mid read September 25, 2023
Company news & Announcements
Elogic Commerce Becomes Prestigious Hyvä Supplier

Elogic Commerce, a full-cycle e-commerce development and consultancy powerhouse, has reached a noteworthy milestone by becoming an official Hyvä Supplier.

“We’ve been working with Adobe Commerce for almost ten years and have always been willing to provide value for our customers by making cutting-edge technologies a cornerstone of our development services,” remarks Paul Okhrem, CEO and Managing Partner at Elogic Commerce. “Hyvä themes is one of the breakthrough innovations in the Adobe Commerce ecosystem: it was essential for us to add this technology to a wide range of our Adobe Commerce service offerings.”

Hyvä suppliers are celebrated for their top-notch technical know-how, implementation finesse, and an unparalleled track record of customer satisfaction. Emphasizing the creation of superior e-commerce experiences, Elogic tailors its solutions to cater to diverse retailer prerequisites such as e-commerce strategy formulation, design, and evolution. 

Adobe Commerce has been somewhat short on recent updates, leaving mid-market businesses with limited front-end development options. Hyvä is a long-desired solution that offers faster user interaction, improved search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities, and a cheaper development framework than PWA. 

It fills us with immense pride to wear the badge of Hyvä Supplier – a name synonymous with quality and innovation. Our journey reinforces our pledge to perpetual growth, learning, and fortifying our industry ties.

About Hyvä

hyva-supplier badge

Hyvä is a cutting-edge front-end for Adobe Commerce, transforming the retail experience by making it faster, more user-friendly, and highly customizable. It represents a paradigm shift in creating exceptional e-commerce experience, emphasizing performance and quality. More info: https://www.Hyvä.io/suppliers

About Elogic Commerce

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Elogic Commerce, founded in 2009, is a holistic e-commerce development and consulting agency. With a staunch client-first approach, the firm aids online retailers with a plethora of solutions, encompassing design, development, seamless third-party integrations, and meticulous code scrutiny, among other expertise-driven services. For further insights, visit: elogic.co

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