Elogic is coming to MagentoLive Europe

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2mid read September 24, 2019
Company news & Announcements
Elogic is coming to MagentoLive Europe

Fall is the season to learn and get inspired. It’s one of the best times of the year to participate in the conference, gain new insights and innovative solutions. If you are a developer, merchant, innovator or related to ecommerce, then you have already heard about Magento Live Europe (MLEU). 

With approximately 1500+ attendees, MLEU is the biggest Magento conference for Europe and one of the largest celebrations of the Magento ecosystem. Earlier you had to fly to the USA to visit Magento Imagine but now Magento also conducts a yearly event in Europe and Australia.

This year Magento live EU will take place in Amsterdam on October 22-23. It’s a two-day event. However, if you are a developer and want to contribute to the Magento community you can also attend a Contribution Day on Monday, October 21. Being a center of business innovations and trade, Amsterdam is the perfect place for the Magento B2B conference.

After an extremely successful start in Barcelona last year, Magento Live Europe in Amsterdam is actively preparing to demonstrate how far ecommerce is progressing in Europe. For the second year in a row, Magento conference 2019 will attract the top ecommerce experts and developers, leading merchants, partners, and agencies, technology providers and industry leaders. 

During innovative sessions, merchant panels, networking, and insightful workshops Magento user conference offers attendees an opportunity to share experiences, exchange ideas, build business relationships, meet people from the European Magento community and most importantly listen to Magento experts.

At Magento Live you’ll have an opportunity to meet Magento experts talking about the evolution of extension quality program tools, the complexities of B2B, best practices for managing and optimizing Google Shopping, performance recommendations, secure commerce with Magento, early adopters of PWA and more. Check out the full Magento Live Agenda to find more information about the upcoming meetings.

Let’s meet in person!

Elogic, one of the fastest-growing  Magento Business Solution Partners in Europe, will be attending the Magento conference. Join us on October 21-23 for a cup of coffee to share expertise in the world of ecommerce and the Magento ecosystem. We hope to chat with friends and partners and build more meaningful connections. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Book a meeting with Elogic at MLEU

Meet you at #MLEU!

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