Elogic Commerce and Zakeke Partner to Build Engaging Customized Experiences for Online Shoppers

Company news & Announcements
2mid read August 31, 2022
Company news & Announcements
Elogic Commerce and Zakeke Partner to Build Engaging Customized Experiences for Online Shoppers

Creating unique shopping experiences is a key to ecommerce growth. Elogic Commerce, a leading ecommerce development agency with 13+ years of experience, is now partnering with Zakeke, a visual customization platform, to empower online brands with personalized shopping experiences.

Zakeke software allows customers to fully customize a product and envision its final design in real time on their desktop or mobile devices. This one-stop solution also offers such advanced features as a 3D product configurator, AR viewer, and virtual try-on, among others. All this functionality will now be available for Elogic clients. Merchants will be able to improve their back-office operations while reducing returns and boosting conversion rates.

“We’re thrilled to announce the partnership with Zakeke seeing their commitment to outstanding customer experience,” says Oksana Yakovlieva, the Head of Delivery at Elogic Commerce. “Coupled with our expertise in multiple ecommerce platforms, we can now offer easy integration with the visual commerce tool and bring more value to their end users.”

The partnership goes beyond merely technical integration. Elogic and Zakeke plan to conduct joint marketing events, organize knowledge-sharing sessions between managers and developers, and contribute to each other’s business roadmaps.

“We’d love to find a way to keep each other always in the loop and leverage our partnership with our clients in the eCommerce world,” says Raffaella Iarrapino, the Head of Partnerships at Zakeke. “Co-branded content, partnership posting activities, webinars, and more — we will unleash several initiatives to make this great collaboration official.”

Zakeke supports all major ecommerce platforms, including Magento (aka Adobe Commerce), Shopify, BigCommerce, and Salesforce. Elogic Commerce provides development services for all these platforms and has over 200 certified developers on board to make the integration smooth and fast.

Before connecting to your store, users will need to create an account. Register here and start selling customized products today.


About Zakeke

Zakeke is a cloud-based cross-platform multilingual visual customization platform. It helps brands build engaging customer experiences through customization and personalization using 2D, 3D, and AR. More info: www.zakeke.com 

About Elogic Commerce

Elogic Commerce is a full-cycle ecommerce development and consulting agency founded in 2009. Some of the services the company provides are ecommerce design and development, third-party integrations, code audit, and website performance optimization, among others. More info: elogic.co  

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