Elogic Is Now Officially Magento Solution Partner

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3mid read July 5, 2019
Company news & Announcements
Elogic Is Now Officially Magento Solution Partner

It’s another week of exciting news for Elogic. Recently we were recognized as a top Magento Development company by Clutch and today we are proud to announce that Elogic has become an official Magento Business Solution Partner! 

Elogic has been a Community Insider Partner since 2018. The Community Insider Program was designed by Magento for companies that want to formalize their relationship with Magento and start their path to becoming a Magento Solution Partner.  After a successful year as a Community Insider (we were recognized as top Magento Community Insider Contributing Partner), we became eligible to get to the next level of partnership with Magento – becoming a Magento Solution Partner.

Magento Solution Partner. Image credit: Cybage

Magento Solution Partner

Magento Solution Partners are development agencies and consulting companies whose main business focus is to provide advanced digital ecommerce solutions for clients. Magento Partners are trained, certified and trusted companies with a strong knowledge of ecommerce and the Magento platform. They build leading B2C and B2B digital experiences for global brands, SMB, and enterprises. 

As a part of the partnership, we get access to product training and valuable resources, so we are always up to date of new developments and trends providing superior Magento 2 services to our clients. Furthermore, as Magento Solution partners, we have unrestricted access to Magento technical support. We can resolve any queries or issues rapidly resulting in minimized delays. 

Magento Partnership Levels. Image credit: Inchoo

How did we do it?

In 2019, we received an offer from Magento to apply as a Business Solution Partner. In order to apply, we’ve had to comply with certain requirements such as having a number of Magento Certified developers on staff and Magento 2 developers who have completed  Magento training.

We’d like to thank our incredibly talented and professional team members for a great effort and their passion which stands behind all these achievements. We’d also like to thank Magento for the opportunity to expand and grow as a Magento 2 partner.

Wrapping Up

We’re really excited to see what our new level of partnership will bring us, and we’re looking forward to making our mark as a Magento 2 Solution partner! Magento has always been a strategic partner for Elogic, so we will continue to invest in the growth of our expertise to deliver excellent Magento development services and keep transforming retail brands into ecommerce leaders. 

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